Vaath - Just try this deck


First of all, here’s the decklist:

PLUS: 3 Kron, 3 Mandrake

The deck works around early and cheap threats, like chrysalis and mandrake. The change to minions hatched from eggs is huge, and making them attack on your next turn made chrysalis a “waste every removal on me or I’ll crush you”. Your big counter is cheap removal like ghost lightning, tempest and skorn.
Midgame is when the deck does his best: Skorn, makantor, flash+taygete plus another card… Mandrake is insane, a 6/6 on turn 4 or 5 for free is hilarious.
The rest of the deck is like old midrange Vaath, focused on control to make chrysalis harder to handle.
There isn’t a lot of 2 drops, so don’t be scared about flash + L’kian on turn 1.

Thought about the deck? Things to improve?


This is far from being a new archetype. Like you said it yourself, It’s just an existing deck with 8 different cards. About mandrake, I’m not sure does this deck run enough minions to justify it. I always thought it was about running a deck with plenty of minions and then dropping them early on rather than doing so later. I might be wrong on this one but I’d prefer something a bit more reliable and impactful than a 6/6.


Yeah, you’re right. The style hasn’t changed to much, just a bit.
I’m sure you didn’t forget that mandrake also works with opponent minions… This deck isn’t the best one for mandrake but it can fit basically in every deck, just because early or later on it’ll be a 6/6 for 0… The tempo you could get that turn is huge.


I think you are underestimating it a little, I play it in a deck that doesn’t even summon many minions and I get good value of it whenever I play it, 6/6 may not be much but hey, it’s just 0 mana, at worst it’s like 1 or 2 mana if you don’t have any other cards you can play.
And if you play starhorn (as if) you will always have cards in your hand allowing you to do a bunch of other stuff in a turn, and have a free 6/6 slapped on to it.


add Thumping Wave. it’s awesome!


I don’t know how familiar you are with the history of known decks in card games, but in established games like Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone changing just a card or two can result in a huge split between an old deck and it’s new counterpart. Changing 8 cards isn’t just “an old deck with 8 new cards,” it’s a new deck. Straight up.

Just because you can name a General and an archetype (i.e. tempo Argeon) does not make your deck with Suntide Maiden, Second Sun, and Afterblaze the same as my deck with Arclyte Regalia, Inquisitor Kron, and Holy Immolation in those same slots.


The plan is the same though- I think you could just call it “shimzar control magmar”, but the point is that though it’s a new deck, it’s not a new archetype


Like someone already said in a previous comment add Thumping Wave, best card by far that magmar got in the expansion. You can use it as an extra set of egg morphs, the 3/3 that the card leaves behind is not relevant in most scenarios because if you position well you can guarantee it suicides into your general or even better your taygete which could potentially clear their board depending on the position. Card is also good as a finisher and in combination with warbeast for some insane out of hand damage.


Yep. Thumping wave definitely useful. What do you think should be cut for it?


I would cut chrysalis burst but that’s because I hate inconsistency and RNG :stuck_out_tongue:.

OP seems to be fond of the card so another cut could be natural selection or metamorphosis and maybe cut one mandrake or one earth sphere to add a third copy of thumping wave if two aren’t enough.


Dropping a 6/6 for free is a crazy tempo boost at any point in the game. I run three copies in my midrange Vaath deck, and even if they don’t get played until turn 7-8 they can single-handedly close out games. Nothing like dropping Makantor to clear your opponents stuff, then following up with Mandrake to back him up. In the same turn.