Vaath ft. artifacts


<img src="/uploads/duelyst/original/2X/b/b7c659d038cf5bed0f00a066ae808b954958e094.jpg" width=200" height=“600”>

A personal favourite awhile ago and decided to see how well it would do now after some tweaking.

This deck does very well against opposing Magmar (which use slower decks) and Vetruvian which is the strongest deck on ladder currently. Worst match ups are probably aggro Spellhai/Meld Combo and Mech decks.

You’ll be skipping turn 1 every time with this deck as player 1. You could place Rust Crawler against Vanar/Zirix who usually don’t run artifacts, but even then I would rather replace it. I usually try to find at least 1 shroud and 1 natural selection during mulligan phase.

The only card I really think about changing in this deck is Bounded Lifeforce, which most people see as the finisher for the deck. Anyone that knows about this card plays around it at 7 mana+ and I find it hard to pull off if you don’t set up with Tracer turn which, I would only set up if I also had an answer to a provoke in hand. If you’d like you could switch Harvester to Skorn/Bloodtear but I prefer keeping a minion which does the same job, but also provide a decent body to threaten the opponent.

Cards that were not in the deck that you can also use: Grincher, Grove Lion, Bloodtear/Skorn, Dark Nemisis, Dampening Wave, and maybe Flaming Stampede.