Vaath Face Control


It has been a very long time since I posted a decklist, probably because I suck at making decks. With the expansion Magmar got a lot of very strong cards and I’ve been playing a lot of extreme aggro lists. However, with all of the self damage taken you run the risk of dying to a quick burst so I’ve been trying a slower deck.

Earthspheres and Plasma Storm gives you great sustain, pushing your health into unburstable ranges while plasma lets you wipe out weak trash. A lot of the other cards are just Magmar staples like Makantor, young silithar, thumping, and the new entropic gaze. Rancour doesn’t have a whole lot to synergize with but you can always attack their face for a 2 mana 3/3 and there is always elucidator and tectonic spikes.

The real meat of the deck is Cryptographer and Drogon. Crypto is a very solid card in Vaath. Each point of additional attack hits important thresholds and crypto lets you hit them asap. 3 attack one shots 2/3s, 4 attack kills things like 4 winds, elucidator, and makantors, and so on.

Drogon is an okay 4 drop minion that lets you clear things with your face. Later in the game he gives you solid burst to finish the opponent off. Together they give insane damage outputs. With base attack bbs, crypto, bbs is 14 damage and it increases by increments of 4 for each additional base point. The 2 card combo only takes 2 cards and 8 mana to pull off out of hand and is a great finisher.

Silhouette tracer gives you reach and enables you to escape. The same goes for tiger.

A potential problem is dealing with Faie as they can dispel your buffs with chromatic and hide behind shroud to nullify your damage. I would play lightbender except for space issues and that it also dispels your buffs.

Well thats all of my thoughts on the matter. Try the list out guys and feel free to ask any questions or share any suggestions. We need to work together to spread the cancer.


Somewhat similar to the deck I posted on Parish, I like the Tracer but it’s kind of meh at 4 mana and it’s hard to use or combo with something else. I like this Cryptographer tho. I need to test it. It’s more of the combo Magmar, sweet.


Yeah I think its very unrefined after playing a few friendlies with it. Earthsphere seems like the best card in the deck and I’m not sure I want Rancour or even the Entropic Gazes. Gonna need more testing though since a few games don’t indicate too much.


I have a kinda similar deck, and Grove Lions are awesome. You will get one free forcefield after you drop this bad boy down if they dispel it then you still have a 5/5 on board. If removed you still get one free saving you 2 DMG minimum and sometimes even 6 or more. If you choose to run Artifacts, he also helps keep them higher on durability.

I run S Tracer, but I dropped it down to 1x because you never want to play this guy if you aren’t using the jump. Against certain matchups, I keep him in hand if I draw him mid or lategame but most of the time it just wasn’t right to play him.

I haven’t played Magmar at all since the new expansion (been fixated on the new Lyonar Cards) but I am looking foward to tuning my deck once I get the few Magmar cards I am missing. Love the deck idea, glad to see interesting things spring foward.


@BlankTrack if you find something interesting, feel free to post it in the Magaari Parish thread. I’m looking forward to see your dope ideas :slight_smile:


Definitely will. I just need Drogon then I will start testing


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