Vaath and Valknu


I don’t care that he is bad, I swear that once I have the cards I will make valknu work for me and it will be glorious. The reason I made this deck was to try and utilize Valknu but it can also be a facial destruction deck if you play your cards right.

I would have more artifacts but I only have 1 twin fang and no Morin-khurs which sucks, although despite some troublesome cards I think that this expansion was great, I love alot of the cards and the ideas behind them. thoughts on how I could improve the deck (other than remove Valknu)


i really want to know if the “hatch eggs” effect from morin kur would be copied by valknu


it will be copied as an effect that can be dispelled on valknu. i believe someone told me this before.


I really like the Silithar Elder. It is perhaps the only unit that can pull its weight in a value fight against Variax.


Variax is such a hard unit to beat, especially with Lillithe.


I have a fairly competitive Valknu deck here:

Third one on the list.


Fun fact if your general has the artifact that gives frenzy then valknu will have frenzy, another fun fact if you play wild inceptor on the valknu egg it will have rush. It can be used as a double attacking vaath at 8 mana or 9 mana if u want to add the bloodborn spell first


Cheers for the lists mate.


The only problem is why do that when double drogon overload gives you four times the damage. Valknu reallyshould have been more like Z’ir.


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