Upgrading budget decks


New player here! I’ve completely fallen in love with the game and I’ve been looking at guide after guide trying to get together a nice build and disenchant the more useless cards. At the end I find myself with a budget zirix obelisk build and 2760 spirit and looking at upgrades now that wins aren’t as easy to get in ladder.

I know the cards I really need to be looking at are nimbus, aymara healer, and to a lesser extent allomancer. I’m wondering what the best upgrade path would be because I don’t want to spend all this spirit and end up screwing myself over.

Thanks in advance, I’m loving the game so far and plan on sticking around a while!


TL;DR get Pax, Falcius, Whisper of the Sands, and Inquisitor Kron/Aymara. Also upload your decklist

Hard to say what you should get next if you don’t have a decklist.

Generically, you would want 3 Falcius and 3 Pax. Falcius helps you make better trades and hence establish firmer board control. Pax summons dervish tokens early on, and they are devastating with Fireblaze Obelisk. If you’re playing a Obelisk oriented deck, you would need Whisper of the Sands also.

If you’re looking foward to craft legendaries, you have four choices: Inquisitor Kron, Aymara Healer, Nimbus, and Zen’Rui the Blightspawned.

I would recommend Kron over Aymara, because it is a neutral Legendary, so that you could use him in other factions also. Aymara is pretty close to Kron. Nimbus is good too, but it is a bit too slow. Since you’re playing a budget deck, I assume that your game ends rather quick - one side or another. Kron summons a token immediately after you place it (unless you replace into Kron) and is a provoke body itself, while Aymara’s impact is greatly reduced with a single dispel, and Nimbus takes three turns to have her effect kicking in (1st turn you place her, 2nd turn you attack with her so she spawns an Obelisk, and on the 3rd turn the Obelisk summons a Wind Dervish).

Zen’Rui could be situationally good. You could steal stuff from generic 2 drops like Healing Mystic, to other greater threats like Lantern Fox and Kelaino. It’s a 3 mana body + removal + summon another smaller body, which sounds good on paper. However, when you have nothing to steal, Zen’Rui is a dead card.

I’m no expert in Vetruvian - there are a lot of ppl much better than me. Nevertheless, if you could upload your decklist here so that ppl from the forum can give more detailed advices to you (a lot of ppl use www.manaspring.ru to upload decklists, but I have never tried it before).

P.S. Just in case you missed this, Duelyst has a giveaway campaign via Humble Bundle. Google it up and you could get a legendary card Keeper of the Vale for free. If you’re new enough (joined after 15Sept) you could get free 20 packs also. You probably have known that already, but just in case you missed that great deal I’ll leave this note to you.


Thanks for the heads up on the bundle, but it’s why I noticed this game and how I’ve managed to kind of get some starting spirit!

Thanks so much for that website, that makes this a lot easier. I found a budget list on the subreddit wiki and followed that for now, and then noticed just how much left over spirit I had and knew I could make it a lot better with some changes.

Here’s the list as it is now: http://manaspring.ru/deckbuilder/Vetruvian/#MToyMDEsMzoyMDA5NSwzOjIxMSwzOjIxNCwyOjE5MDUxLDI6MTEwMTQsMzoyMjgsMjoxOTAzNywyOjIwMDk2LDM6MjAxOTYsMzoyMjYsMzoyMTUsMjoxMDAxNiwzOjEwMDEyLDE6MTA5NzUsMjoxMTAyMCwyOjEwMzA2

I’m pretty set on the archetype right now - should I still get Kron over Aymara or Nimbus if I’m firmly set on this kind of build? Thanks again for the help!


Kron and Aymara is very close. Considering that your deck is very aggressive, you would want your big threats to come out as early as possible, so Kron has a slight edge over Aymara here. Nimbus is definitely toooo slow for your deck - putting Flameblood Warlock mostly means that you want the game to end as soon as possible.

Other than the legendaries (which aren’t that necessary in your situation), I would recommend Primus Shieldmaster in your deck. Having a solid body with provoke will come in pretty handy, as you could stop the opponent from running away from your Obelisk area.

Be careful with your Lightbender. Since you’re running that much amount of buffs and Obelisks, you are very likely to dispel your own studd with that Lightbender. Siphon Energy or Emerald Shroud are much less likely to hurt yourself.