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Updated Vetruvian Deck

Ok so i got feedback from you guys so I took inspiration from some decks I found online,heres what I came up with.Some things I couldnt get 3x of cause I ran out of spirit.

You don’t have to make a new thread every time you have updates. Just create a post in your initial thread and people will be able to see it as it will get bumped to the top.

Also, this deck looks very close to aggro dervish zirix, I would drop pulverizer for Primus Fist and Vale Hunter for Dunecaster. Disenchant Orbo, the card is useless.


Much better. My advice would be changing your General to Zirix. Zirix is the General you should be using for most conventional Vetruvian decks, and Ciphyron is rarely a suitable substitute.

For your next step, I would recommend taking out Ephemeral Shroud, Pyromancer, and Shieldmaster as well. In their places, run Pax, Fireblaze Obelysk, and Sandswirl Reader. They’re very powerful cards and are often considered as staples in Obelysk decks.


If you did want to continue with Ciphyron, you would need Psychic Conduit and maybe Grapnel Paradigm. Both are stapples of Ciph since they synergize with the bbs. Most ranged and blast minions are rarely used due to weak stat line to cost ratios. The only exception to this would be Swarmking Scarab since this can win games by itself. Super expensive though.
Generic faction staples to consider are as @halcyon98 said, Pax, Fireblaze, and Sandswirl. Maybe even falcius if you lack the spirit for rarer cards.


Try this

*i want to see how you bring this to dia @improbableblob

Seriously though…
https://duelystcentral.com/2018/07/20/july18-power-rankings/ heres a decent tierlist…
If you have no honor and just want ez wins pick fault zirix.The deck is so powerfull that it warps the entire meta.The reason that burn and aggro is so popular right now is that those can effectively shut fault down

I saw Sajj and got happy. Then, I looked at the list. :frowning:

Fixed it for ya, gotta be accurate with new players

There’s no 2 drops here.

(this was a troll)

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