[UPDATED] Patch 1.89 - Bug Thread


Yeah had that the other day. Guy played twice into my lavastorm obelysk on the first two turns and conceded then. Got nothing for the damage quest. I think the game didn’t acknowledge the game as played.


Are you sure? Since when? Because after UP this was still working.

Oh… wait… we’re in patch 1.89 bug thread lol… damn they broke that too? wth happened :stuck_out_tongue:


One of the hints that appears while games load says dispelling a minion won’t remove stun effects. This is no longer true. Please update the text.


What. Since when?



Since Patch 1.86. From the Patch Notes:

Stun – Now dispellable.

Stun has always been a bit of an odd mechanic in action. We’ve seen numerous new players expect stun to be dispellable – either because of their previous digital card game experience, or because other buffs and effects in Duelyst are dispellable. It wasn’t as much of an issue when Stun effects were rarely used, but as we’ve added more stuns to the game, it’s time to clean it up! Now that stun is dispellable it’ll behave in the same way as other buffs and debuffs in Duelyst, and you’ll find some situations where dispelling a minion or your General is exactly the play you needed.


It hasn’t been always like this but they patched it to be like this in the past.
But I can confirm that it’s bugged now. I’m very shure that I didn’t get the 25 some days ago. I can remember me raging… :wink:


Well at least the patch made a literally non game breaking change. Still the single dumbest thing that could have been done. Stun was only useful because it couldn’t be dispelled. What’s next rush being dispelable if the space was dispelled?


From yesterday matches, got a player that conceded on turn #2 undamaged (Grinch :stuck_out_tongue: ) and didn’t get the points, and iirc got an Healyonar that did it in end game and got the points (shitload actually as he healed A LOT).


Once I dealt 62 damage in one game.

and lost

Huck Fealyonar man.


Sorry guys! I was at PAX this weekend and just got back home (which meant I wasn’t around to provide updates).

AFAIK the Rank Division drop issue was resolved over this weekend on Saturday, so go hit that ladder up with no fear.

Derank bug still there?

Stun is already dispellable for 3 patches and that is good so. It not being able to be removed was inconsistent with Dispel’s effect.


It just happened to me with an emp. I mean Id never seen it before and I’m not a fan. but who cares i’ll either quit or get over it. no point in complaining here


A lot of people reacted positively to this patch change.


in hindsight, It’s just EMP, apparently a vicious offender, incidentally dispelling things every time (now I noticed as Vanar daily quest and the patch notes). If someone shrouded or lightbendered to move around stun I don’t think id be so hurt maybe even impressed, but that has never happened.


I’m so glad that this was resolved quickly! However, personally, I think that this can be communicated better. When I checked today, a lot of people on my friends list who usually get s rank near the start of the month are gold or diamond and there are no s rank replays. I feel that a lot of people are unwilling to play since he think the ranked barriers are still out of order.

Of course, this is only based on a minuscule sample size, so I’m not sure if the message is already we’ll known and I’m just slow to read this.


I think the launcher sometimes opens two instances of duelyst. I’ll get a window asking to log in, so I do. Then it runs slowly, so I quit to relaunch and then there’s another window. Playing on macos. It’s happened twice to me so far. Both times I’ve had to log in on the top window but not the bottom window and both times it’s caused performance problems.


Probably not specific to 1.89 but yes yet another Sentinel bug.

Friendly Slithar minion, Enemy Vanar Freeblade (sentinel that switches place with summoned enemy=.

Plasma Storm is played. Killing all minions. However, instead of being killed Vanar sentinel switches places with the egg (which should ofc happen after plasma storm effects are processed) and then resurrrects as Freeblade.

These sentinel interactions are still so messed up it is discouraging that the idea even left the drawing board. Please fix.


Any update on “future date” after 2 weeks ?

This is starting to be embarrassing …


i was playing against this guy who was using a bastion, and this weird text bug popped up…

as it turns out, the text says +1 attack, instead of health


Yeah this looks bad for CPG :worried: I think fixing bugs instead of pushing out more cards should be priority right?

Where’s a estimate date @ThanatosNoa on getting this stuff fixed? You guys are itleast prioritizing this over the new expansion…right? Don’t make me give my account to @nwardezir :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: