[UPDATED] Patch 1.89 - Bug Thread


Reaching gold during the first 3 days of this season its in fact impresive, since all Srankers and Diamond players are on Silver 11 now and theyre playing on full-hardcore mode because safe areas are disabled, so nobody its playing clownfiesta.


Dunno if it’s still buggy, did my grinding to Gold over day 1 and 2 (starting Silver 11), lost a couple of matches in Gold (when being rank 9), but haven’t been demoted.

Maybe it’s a bug that happens only when you lose and are at the entry rank of a division (20?, 15?, 10, 5) ?


Yes, it just remove the “security lock” at those ranks.


Had some tip at the bottom during a VS loading screen that was bugged: something with ‘medium.tip.0’ or so.


@ThanatosNoa, I think this is a very relevant question. Will players who are affected by the division demotion bug during the present season be “refunded” of their chevrons when the bug is fixed? Or are all the retroactive fixes only valid for the past season? Thanks!


Rank floor bug is fixed by the way.


Glad as I am for those affected or those who’ve been avoiding ladder due to this bug, you really do miss easy pr points when this isn’t coming from a Dev themselves.



Found these


Really? Why no official announcement?


This last patch is a collection of embarrassment, maybe it’s so pitiful it left them voiceless … :stuck_out_tongue:

But let’s wait a bit, maybe usual apologies and free orbs will come ! (again) :rofl:

It’s certainly a shame for CPG Q&A and testing but it’s still playable, for now.


Hush hush. We want skins.


Its cpg the experts for communication and pr.


:smiley: The good question still is whether this has been officially fixed, has disappeared by accident, or is just hard to reproduce and occurs only under specific circumstances. I guess many players won’t take any risk until this is clarified by the devs


When your opponent concede during a deal 150 damage quest, the amount of health they have remaining does not count. For example, if someone conceded from 25 hp, you get 0 progress in this quest.


That’s odd, I was fairly sure they fixed that already when it was originally complained about in…Shimzar I think?

We appear to have hit critical mass and the game is bursting at the seams. :thinking:


I know, but they changed it back.


“Changed” or broke it. I’m surprised if they even managed to do that though, with a localisation patch…

The math doesn’t add up!


Been away a while so these may have come up, but there are some weird Daemonic Lure interactions:

  • Moonlit Basilysk takes 1 damage, then transforms, then triggers, then moves, ending up as a 5/5 (unlike with Phoenix Fire where it transforms then takes damage). Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyLS4NKCmdQ
  • A Pureblade Enforcer on 1 health apparently dies before its ability triggers, according to Dedexy in Discord just now. I suppose the same would happen with a Basilysk sentinel that takes 2 damage while untransformed.


Can someone confirm if the de-ranking bug is fixed? :o


It seems to me it has always been like this, you have to deal at least 1 point of damage to get the 25 points on opponent’s concede.