[UPDATED] Patch 1.89 - Bug Thread


I have a replay but where the mana displays incorrectly:


Forgot to take a screenshot everytime but about the quests/bonus :

  • first win of the day
  • welcome back
  • 3 wins

I got the reward message with string {{amount_of_gold}} instead of actual value.


Just to be sure, can we still drop through s to diamond and can we drop through diamond to gold etc. too?


So, I got E’xun as an end-of-month reward, and this message popped up when I was disenchanting it.


Had a similar error with my heavens eclipse. Cpg should consider to withdraw that last patch…


So now player can downgrade to lower division? I just get to gold before play memes deck & kicked back to silver division.


Yeah same happened to me more and less, i got to gold now, but get downgraded to silver because i was farming missions gold, had to won anoter game to reach it again.

Fun fact, since we can be division downgraded now, the people arround rank 10 who wanna climb early its playing on fullhardcore, so the machs are tense as fuck. I love it XDDD


These game-breaking bugs would deserve a hot fix. I understand software development is a pain, but these are major issues, which should be solved quickly.

Are we getting retroactive fixes also for the new season? This likely means adjusting chevrons to compensate demotions.


Hey CPG, run the git blame, and I’ll send the hitman :wink:


Revert is such an amazing feature…


Well, I lost a game and got pushed back to Silver after entering Gold. This game is officially broken. I’m genuinely hoping the devs do something to either give us back the lost chevrons or some sort of peace offering, because quite frankly this is ridiculous.


Free packs fix all problems.

Oops. Forgot the fake cough.




Bound Tormentor still transforms when hit with Blood Of Air, making it a sentinel that procs when a spell is casted. No need to address these issues in a patch.


Given in game mechanics this one actually makes sense, not that I agree with it’s implementation.

See Nightwatcher.

If using BoA on a enemy Nightwatcher, it will transform into a Dervish with rush but exhaust the summoned minion. Due to the games coding it would suggest that the dervish is summoned “behind the scenes” so to speak, while the watcher effect is still in play.

So moving on to your Sentinel interaction, if we accept the logic that the game code sees the summon occur before the sentinel is transformed, for which there is precedent due to my example above, your example is less a bug than a intended feature based on in game mechanics, if sloppily implemented one.


No offense but i find it really funny how you’ve been defending the game even through the worst metas imaginable and now start complaining over a lost chevron and want compensation for that? It’s early in the season, even if you drop back to silver for a moment, it hardly even matters.

Compared to the shitpile that was the AB meta this is hardly even worth a mention.


Yeah I was thinking about that too. Idk for some reason this bug really tilts me.


Tbh, its affecting the ladder nature on the firs weeks, i used to up to gold the first day of the season, then play memes, farm gold and up to Diamond some weeks before the season ends. Now i just reqched gold and stopped to play, want to wait for the secure spot before start farming.


Just meme in silver then? Even if you were to drop back to mid silver it should be easy to reach diamond towards season end.


Its something someting pride, someting someting feeling exhausted to think about climbing 10 ranks nor 5.


Hello, I just became aware of the de-ranking bug right now, since I just fell back from gold to silver. :confused: Is it safer to stop playing until the game is fixed or will we be re-ranked to 10 anyways? I don’t feel like going to the pressure of reaching gold again (to those about to comment on how noob I am, how easy it is to get to gold etc, please keep your mean comment to yourself. :wink: )

Thanks in advance for the answers !