[UPDATED] Patch 1.89 - Bug Thread


Hey Duelyst Fans,

So we’ve seen quite a few issues come up with the latest patch, so we’d like to address them in public.

  • Text Changes and Debug Messages - We’ve seen the reports on many oddities such as Chevrons now displaying as “Bonus Ladder Points” or the faction/small quests mentioning “Play a deck!” or extra pop-up bubbles (like when muting an opponent).

    These were not meant to go live, and we will be reverting these to their original text at a future date. In the meantime, feel free to list any changes you’ve spotted so we can have a record of everything that needs to be addressed.

  • Balance “Changes” - There are several cards (Azure Herald, Meltdown) which now display incorrect text in their description. There are no intentions to change these cards with this patch, and the cards still function with their original/intended numbers.

  • Division Demotion/Dropping - There’s been a lot of reports from players mentioning they’ve experienced a division demotion, being able to fall through our ranked floors. We had no intention for this to occur, and believe this to be a visual bug that corrects itself after winning a game or re-login.


  • Games Crashing - Like above, please contact Customer Support along with your DxDiag. In your ticket please include if you were using the German Beta localization, our new Razer Chroma feature, or Web Replays. Any additional information is useful for tracking down why your client may be crashing.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, here’s the place to ask them!


This issue has been resolved on September 2, 2017. The update was made on the server side which requires no patches for our players (automatically deployed). Players will receive the correct reward at the end of the season based on their highest achieved ranked. Player history will also display their highest rank for that season. Thank you for helping us identify the issue!

Future Updates

We are still working on addressing all the issues reported here and through our support portal. While we do not have a public ETA at this time, we will have the majority of these changes in our next game patch.

[Patch 1.89] Visual glitches
Soulburn Obelysk vs Blistering Scorn
[Patch 1.89] Visual glitches

@ThanatosNoa, I just opened a thread to collect text changes bugs. I hope this is fine for you to keep it, otherwise feel free to close it and report the information from there in here.


I believe threads can be merged.


It seems the patch introduced a few glitches, this thread is to collect them so that developers can implement fixes.

Issues encountered so far:

  1. The card text for Azure Herald states that the minions heals 2 points (it should be 3)
  2. The quest “Abyssian Challenger” has become “Abyssian Host Challenger”, which is fine, but the description now states “Play 4 online games with an Deck” (it actually applies to all factions, thanks to @baharoth for pointing out)

Please report other problems, I may update this list when (if) I have time, otherwise the thread will just do.


The “play four games with a deck” issue isn’t limited to abyssian. On reddit is a post about the same thing with the vanar quest and my Songhai quest looked like this as well. Probably applies to all faction quests.


[T]7 and they are merged


s e e m s g o o d m a n


  • Losing a match as S-rank causes the game to display your rank division, and it gets stuck there. Have to alt+f4 and restart the game.

  • Owlbeast Sage’s “modifier” buff says “+2 attack” in the toolplate(Forgot proper name for it), although it gives “+2 health” as normal.

  • Snow Chaser’s infiltrate buff reads as “PutBackInHandClean”…(whatever that function is called I guess).

PS: @ThanatosNoa Can I please change my username back before the season ends? Its still “vbringbackalplod.”


I did not get my bonus win streak extra chevron. I submitted a report to support.
:frowning:️ Keep an eye on this.


Thanks for the transparency and acknowledging the problems. Here’s hoping for expeditious and efficient solutions. Good luck, CPG.


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Is that normal?


@ThanatosNoa Gorehorn back stabs (2) now, but that’s not true.


Yeap, I allowed it to be a toggle-pin (so people can see it the first time, and dismiss it at their choosing).

:thinking: It’s always been Backstab(2)?

Card Image


Ack! Thanny you got me. I’d just not seen him in so long it looked odd. But let me tell you this: Meltdown does not bloodsurge for 7


Here’s one:

Read closely…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



The “an Deck” is funny indeed but after reading the whole sentence I thought : “Sometime it would be nice to play some offline games …” :stuck_out_tongue:


araki headhunter’s attack increased by 2 when i played a young flamewing.


Just wanted to let you guys know we have an update on what’s going to happen with Ranked Divisions in the original post.

As for the other replies on here:

Noted, thanks!

I’m seeing several reports with other things triggering Araki, we’ll invesitage this, thanks!


I have had a text bug where I tried to attack with a minion that was provoked (and could not) but a weird text came up not that it was provoked. It was more of a code text saying it was provoked if you know what i mean.