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Mobile IOS down for the months! …and this subsection is DEAD and I DONT see any DEV replying to people concern and question AT ALL

GrRrRrrrr I So Angry i use capitals letters BUT only SOMETIMES

Can you be patient?

I’m shure: The bigger the capitals the faster they’ll be.


Patience is a rare thing padawan

Android users don’t even get a chance to play duelyst on phone, and it’s fantastic that they’re bothered to port it to IOS anyway. I wouldn’t expect that it’s their main goal, so they’ll probably be taking some time. Also, I recognise that english may not be your first language but the devs are incredibly unlikely to respond to a post written so hatefully, please consider sounding at least somewhat more formal if you wish to make a complaint. Criticism is a good thing, but people won’t listen to you if you present it in such a way, be more positive :slight_smile: Hating on the devs won’t help anyone, this criticism is probably reasonable but you don’t have to be so negative about it.

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I’m actually contemplating trying a windows emulator on my galaxy s7…and then running the chrome browser version that way. Lol it should work in theory. :sunglasses:

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Does the galaxy 7 have a good enough processor for Duelyst? My little personal pc generally crashes every 3 hours into Duelyst and so I know I’ve been playing too long.

I’m not sure. But I’m going to try!

CPG responded over Twitter, saying that mobile was taking a backseat while they use their new resources to try and smooth out desktop version and bring new quality of life updates, and return to working on mobile later.

I don’t expect a mobile update anytime soon.

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kinda sad considering that the mobile app will get more fresh players into the game so it should take more of a priority…4 expansion later and still no stable mobile APP ffs

Hey guys,

Unfortunately, at this time all beta builds have been postponed while we ensure stability on all our live builds.


HeY GuYs,

UnFoRTunATely, At thIs time All beTa builds HaVe Been poStpOnEd whIle WE ensuRe StAbIiTity oN aLl Our LiVe BUilds.

Where all the people telling me to have “patience” now? Do i need to have my grandchild first? This is hilarious looking back.