Upcoming news on Duelyst?


… they are likely coming when it’s time :slight_smile: But don’t you think it’s about time to learn something more about set rotations? It’s a big and exciting change to the game, yet we don’t know exactly when it’s coming and how it is going to work. I guess this should also reveal when the next expansion will hit (March?)

CPG also announced a few interesting things without further in-depth explanation, like new game modes and mobile release. Wouldn’t it be great to hear something more about this?

@ThanatosNoa, anything you can share? Even a preliminary schedule!


What i know is that when The next expansion Will be live shimzar cards and core cards previously mentioned Will be impossibile to be played in ranking mode.


Core cards will always be playable! But Shimzar will indeed rotate out


Theres a list of core cards that Will be removed from core here https://duelyst.com/news/set-and-rotation-changes


I think we know all there is about set rotations, and the real question is what kind of playlists we’ll see when the rotations drop.

Everyone knows this could make or break the game, and CPG has always handled things in their own way to make their game unique, so I’m excited to see what they do with it.


For me and I suppose many others, the main interest is in how will the mode function that will retain all the cards, ie not the ranked mode with its set elimination.


A terrifying and unfortunate change to the game. That will break the game unless it is handled perfectly.

I have a lot of faith in CPG so hopefully they will pull it off. But I still have my fingers crossed that it wont happen, will just be a mode for new players that wont effect the main ladder, or at the very least we will be compensated.

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I just wanna know how much time I have left with my spinecleavers :cry:


I’m hoping that unranked mode will have no rewards but those from Daily quests & every three wins. That way whatever combos are running wild because of devs not balancing the format will affect less the experience of players who just want to meme & chill out.


Gotta remember to post every Lurking Fear archetype I’ve used on the meme thread, once the set rotation hits. I believe I’m currently going somewhere over 10 different decktypes… Just because of a single card. Will be missed on Ladder :disappointed_relieved:


Im not afraid of set rotation. They said that only shimzar Will be rotated out this year, so they Just need to print cards that can “replace” this single set. I think That its not that hard


Sure, I mean the only thing we can share is the same thing we’ve been saying:

News comes with the next expansion, because there’s no reason to panic about anything right now. Enjoy the game as is. The whole point of the early news post was to not blindside people, but it was never our intention to detract/distract people from the regular games you’ll be enjoying (until we announce our next expansion).


As a newbie who has spent a bit of money getting a nice creep deck (my choice I should clearly add as I knew it’s going with the rotation), I would like some guidance…that being said I suspect CPG have learnt a bit from the recent Gwent shambles and I can hardly blame them for wanting to get it right!!


Or they could just balance it… but you’re right, because I doubt they will. Sigh.

I know how you feel about Lurking Fear, those decks have been my favorite in the game. I gotta compile my memes before rotations.


That’s for now. But in the future it will be a lot more extreme. The article mentioned that, for example, once the first expansion of 2019 drops all of the expansions of 2017 will be wiped.

That means 3 expansions will be pushed out in exchange for one. That will be the most nerve wracking of expansions as we wait to see which archetypes get absolutely blitzed.


Woah, that’s news to me. Where’s the article that mentions that?


Anyone who hasn’t read the article can find it here


At any given time, the current sets that are playable are the core set and those from the last two years. This was announced with the news.

So when the first 2019 xpack drops, youll only be able to play xpacks from 2019 and 2018.


Ah, i think i remember reading that in the thread. Jeez, casual play ought to be a thing or else that’s a lot of deck types/variants they’ll be shutting fown


Casual play WILL be a thing. The questions are, are they adding other game modes too? Will they balanced the unrotated mode? Will unrotated have a ladder, and end season rewards? Personally I hope every answer is a hard yes.