Upcoming Mechanic - Intensify


I’m late to the game but this is mech stall + cadence memes, add in crushers


I want “intensify: summon N shadow creep” minion or spell.


I’ll Say Here that I feel 2v1 or 2v2 game mode is approaching. Imagine Intensify cards in your 3+ general matches.

Or some kind of 2/50 general vs 2 2/20 generals


Pretty sure there will be something like this


I think it is like bond, so yes to both


Intesify rebirth minion incoming * ^ *

I really like the direction of this mechanic; it’s very similar to Bond, but it is in a way that it is not restricted to just factions that can resummon minions (Abyssian, Magmar via rebirth, and now Vanar to an extent with Auroraboros). I also like that it is a keyword that is not restricted to minion-type cards. I’m assuming Vetruvians will receive an intensify artifact, especially with the reveal of Metalmeld. Really excited to see what else is to come!


Vteruvian for the new Artihai!


No, just no. Artifact Vet is a very inconsistent deck but at the same time a very toxic one. While I would be glad if Sajj becomes Viable, the last thing we need is more uninteractive decks.


I don’t know if this was already pointed out and even if I am correct, I doubt this will make the “intensify” mechanic better or worse, but does this mechanic proc on your enemies actions as well?

For example, if they play their first Knucklestorm and I have not played one so far in that match, when I do play my first Knucklestorm, will it deal 2 damage?


No, Intensify only applies to your own cards


Before intensify and bosses were a thing.


I am the prophet.


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