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Upcoming Mechanic - Intensify


Anyhow, I really like this mechanic. I don’t think it’s going to be particularly strong or competitively useful, but it really touches my inner Johnny. I’m looking forward to seeing more cards with this effect or that support it.

Also also, a yet to be spoiled card, Gibbet is seen in the art posted above. I assume it’s safe to say they’ll be an Intensify minion as well.


so is fizzling mystic, and thats not an intensify minion

healing mystic tho, thats got intensify: generate fanart


Oh, wow, I feel stupid. You’re right. I totally didn’t realize that was fizzling mystic up there.

Well then, scratch what I just said.


Bonecrusher seems really cool ! But as I get it the effect is dispelable. If you dispel an intensify minion, does it reset the stacking of the effect ?


:magdown: :abysspls: :sweat:


“Well this turn I’ll summon a larger and larger man, so later on I can summon an even larger man”- the expansion.

In all seriousness, since these are limited to 3 copies + recursion, I’m pretty sure they won’t be too bananas. Still seems pretty strong, though. Also, Lifestream makes sense now.


we only need 5 Bonecrusher respawns to be one-hit KO. Seems reasonable. Dust off your Zuraels boys and girls!


I see someone watches Day9. I haven’t stopped laughing my arse off at that line.

…I really hope that is indeed from Day9 :sweat_smile:


more like dust off your infinte sarlac decks and add this guy and cadence


Bonecrusher is going straight to my Big Boyz (Cadence/Betrayal) deck :slight_smile:


Does Intensify on a minion act like a special Opening Gambit, in a sense where the effect applies when the minion is summoned from the action bar? I’m curious to know how Intensify minions would work with cards like Mirror Meld or Fractal Replication.


im thinking its just bond without the tribal restriction and a counter tacked on


I guess its time for a creep-caedence -nethermeld deck.



Fixed it for you


I believe the right term is “Disenchant,” you can’t dust things off in Duelyst :mysticup:


But it’s referencing using them, not DEing them?


You know, this mechanic is almost like sirroco.
I’m pretty happy that abyssian and fractal reps memes are coming. Though I do hope it’ll be pretty affordable. (or i hope a diamond sale comes around soon)

wait, what about transform? are we getting some some newfound love/hate relationship with flawless reflection?


Wait… does played cards set the counter one up (“generated” by Hailstone Prison for example) or No. of Minions on board (Fractal Replication anyone?)?


Bolster seems like a nice choice for swarm healyonar. Playing it with Day Watcher if “wild mode” will be a thing. Or maybe even Lux Ignis?