Upcoming Mechanic - Intensify


New Mechanic - Intensify!

Hey Duelyst fans! We have a brand new mechanic coming out with the next expansion: Intensify.

Intensify is a keyword that will appear on Minions and Spells granting them a powerful stacking effect. These cards become more powerful each time you cast them for the duration of the game.

UPDATE: This stacking effect only occurs for the digits printed on the card's descriptions, not numbers that are written out.

Still confused? Let's look at some examples.

Lyonar's Bolster will grant your friendly minions +2 Health the first time you play Bolster. When you cast it a second time, all friendly minions will gain +4 Health. Upon casting Bolster a third time, your minions would gain +6 Health. Did you manage to get a fifth copy? Well, then that fifth cast will make all your friendly minions gain +10 Health.

When you first play the Abyssian Bonecrusher, it will enter the field as a 5/3. If you play Bonecrusher a second time, you'll now have a mighty 10/3.

Intensify keeps track of the number of times the card has hit the battlefield, which means if you've revived a minion or clone/duplicated an Intensify card in some manner, the effects keep stacking! If you somehow manage to play/revive Bonecrusher 7 times in one game, that 7th spawn will show up as a 35/3!

Now that you've learned how this mechanic works, get ready for an intense week of spoilers!

Streamer Schedule

Don't forget that we still have individual Streamers with cards to spoil!

Please note that this is a tentative schedule based on the streamer’s availability and thus is subject to change.

Date Time Streamer
Monday, March 12 7:00am PST Hsuku
Tuesday, March 13 12:00pm PST F8D
Wednesday, March 14 4:30pm PST Sen
Thursday, March 15 4:30pm PST Grinch
Saturday, March 17 8:00pm PST Sylvermyst

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:sweat: coporeal cadence just got viable :sweat:


Ah, so FA Pitstop is finally a dooly card.


Welp…looks like I may have to turn battlelog back on…:thonk:


we need a scroll wheel in the battle log now


Ah! I suggested something similar back then, it was called Hinder and actually made multiple copies of the same card more costly over time, so as to approximate rational numbers in mana cost.

It’s really cool and nice to see it implemented!



edit: looking forward to the new mechanic. in general, i find it really amazing that the devs keep coming up with new stuff. hope, they never run out of ideas.



(If you can’t tell I’m running out of JonTron clips)




Basically you have to draw multiple copies of a card to proc the keyword. Can enable very cool plays but I hate that is so uninteractive


By itself it won’t be particularly easy to proc multiple times, but it could potentially be powerful with cards like Sandswirl Reader, Consuming Rebirth, Hailstone prison, Alcuin loremaster and ect.


so basically what youre saying is that its what bond should have been


Looking forward to this, gonna be a fun mechanic.

@ThanatosNoa when you say that the effect increases each time the card is cast, you mean played from the action bar right?

I hate to be that guy I just wanna know if I should start theory crafting rebirth things, I wanna confirm

Edit: nvm I see the ‘play/revive’ part now, I just assumed it had to be from hand because of the ‘cast’ bit there.


Not gonna look forwards to bonecrusher cadence otk


But it could make the Releaser viable! Think of the meme potential :upside_down_face:


yeah, i mean abyss has so many ways to make intensify great

maybe even death knell if abyss gets an intense arcanyst


Pre’Nurrf Obelysk: Summon Dervish. Your Dervishes have Intensify: +1 attack.


I’m surprised nobody mentioned Lifestream yet (the Lyonar spell previously spoiled)?

I have a feeling we’re going to see more cards with this sort of tutoring effect in other factions as well. It serves as Intensify support.


Loving this idea!

Not sure if Bolster and Bonecrusher are going to be any good though. Long-term investments in Duelyst don’t tend to work out very often. Do love the Cadence meme possibilities with Bonecrusher though (on paper anyway, it’s probably really frustrating in actual matches).