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Up-to-date Ziran List

Looking for a good Ziran list to deal with all the annoying stuff now (most of the ones ive found online are pretty old spanning back to 2016/17) Preferably one capable of reaching s rank and from a good lyonar player along with some tips on beating the meta if possible. Thanks

You’re unlucky. I’m probably the closest you can get to a semi competitive Healyonar player here on forums, and I don’t currently play. And I’m also not that good. Try Discord or Reddit, mate.

I dunno, @terrarius, do you play Healyonar? Or @kevin2hard?

TMD25 has an imgur list of the June meta showing a healyonar list with multiple alternative cards. The list isn’t budget.

The video of tier decks

Imgur album of tier decks

this is one of kieran’s decks, he is one of the two most notable ziran players out there so it should be solid, I’ve no idea how to pilot it well though


Best way to find out is to hit him up on disc and ask

Well ziran deck didn’t change much due to the tons of healing.


Why war exorcist?Zir,an usualy heals her stuff during her turn

For ironcliffe and lategame.
You basically nail ironcliffe with aegis and drop exorsict turn after.
Worst case it baiting hard removel on the usual it is putting work

Plus - it synergies very well

Here is my pre-un-rotation deck.


Hi again, Have a bit more time to expand on what you asked the other day, and can do so in a more visible place.

I’m currently S#3 at time of typing running this:

I’ve always preferred more aggressive and burny styles, so this suits me pretty well, and my plan against the hugely statted minions that can often be a weakness of Zir’an’s is to just kill/burn the enemy general too fast.

That said Zir’an is pretty flexible and the core tempo shell (cleric, mystic, herald, sunforge, Sunriser & Oath) can be supplemented in many different ways to run the Gamut from Burn to Control. The most common Tempo list that you are likely to see functions quite well as an anti-burn aggro deck that is typically weak to late game strategies. But you can include cards like Aperion’s claim to shore up those weakness, but that in turn weakens your strength against the faster decks that Zir’an typically likes to beat. I won’t speak too much on that as once we start branching out in that direction I become less familiar with the deck and playstyle.

For my deck I ideally get a heal tile and an early Sunforge Lancer (try to proc this at least once, preferably immediately) or Spelljammer, otherwise just play out your early game drops. Try to only cast Flameblood near full HP or to put them to 0HP (there are exceptions of course). Flameblood and tempest are in there because not only are they are good burn cards, but can also because of their use to damage yourself & your minions to enable healing, good players know to try and not give Zir’an these opportunities easily, so being able to do it for yourself is very nice. Count up your damage every turn and keep an eye toward setting up 2 turn lethals (If I do X damage this turn I have Y amount of burn damage to kill them next turn). If you are closing in on a lethal consider to play your more conditional damage (immo/sunriser) first and your less conditional damage last. You can use your BBS to heal enemy minions, so deliberately leaving something alive so that you can use it to get a heal proc is a perfectly valid play, you can often use this trick with Sunriser to get extra damage (like play sunriser and a healing 2 drop, then BBS one of the damaged enemies and then have the heal tile proc finish it off at the end of turn for example).

With good play I feel like this deck is capable of beating most of the meta decks, but there are for sure some cards out there that give me fits when I see them, but most of the time even the worst matchups can be beaten with a good enough draw, which I find to be one of the pros of playing aggro/burn, sometimes you just draw perfect damage before they can stabilize.


That’s surprisingly very similar to the list I’m currently testing. Nice to know I’m facing in the right direction.

Definitely seeing some new and interesting stuff here so far. I’ll have to test to get to my finalized. Thanks for the input guys

Hey, I am adding that comment as guide + decklist to the wiki :slight_smile: Good job (again) Niklaren :wink:

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