Unviable cheap spells + draw a card effect = viable?


Just some bedside random thoughts here.

There are some unviable cheap spells in this game, such as Magnetize, Mesmerize, Siphon Energy, and Eight Gates. These cards are all interesting and not “bad” IMO, they just don’t make the cut in most decks. Wasting a slot in your deck and a card from your hand for a situationally good effect is simply not good enough.

On the other hand, we have some cheap cycle spells, to name a few: Aegis Barrier, Sphere of Darkness, Scion’s First Wish, and the list of “do something and put a battle pet in your hand” spells. SoD is included in almost all Abyssian deck (assuming non-Cassy abyssian decks exist) and SFW is in all Vet decks.

Magnetize/Mesmerize/8 G8s with the cycle effect may actually be mandatory 3-offs in most decks. I’d like to see this happen, but I’m not sure about how would these cards affect the whole game, should they have the “draw a card” effect? Is it healthy for the game to implement a large number of cheap cycling spells? Slapping a “draw a card” effect on the unused cheap spells could increase their viability by a lot. However, if too much of these cycling cards exist, would they make costlier spells unviable just because those costlier spells doesn’t cycle? When too much of these cycle spells are available, will the notion of “spell” be twisted?

Anyways, discuss if you wish to.


“Draw a card” effect is extremely strong. Especially if it’s on a 1 mana card. I’ll say this with the risk of being laughed at, but I think how the Aerial Rift is at the verge of being playable and how Aegis Barrier is really underrated. If for example Mesmerize had a draw effect attached to it I’d run it in every single Vanar deck, no questions asked.

Point being, it’s not a kind of effect which you can just casually add to a card to increase it’s viability. Lots of thought needs to be put into it. But I do agree how there are some awful spells that exist which would still be mediocre at best if improved with the draw effect.


Right now I am doing a ton of testing with the Arcanyst theme. I am trying to work a deck for each class. I have Abyssian somewhat down(as good as I think it will be) and right now I am trying Lyonar.

Note that it I had more Aegis Barriers I would play 2x or 3x. Saving spirit for the expansion.

The Scientist actually works pretty well. Don’t play him till 7mana and save BBS on 6 so you can roar on 7 when you play him and again on 8. A bunch of spells that usually aren’t that great/situational (Aegis Barrier is a double draw, Auryn Blessing, Sundrop with Argeon) are great as they allow you to cycle while still proccing arcanyst effects. Roar also works.

This deck still needs a lot of tweaking. I think the Arcanyst Archetype as a whole is pretty inconsistent, but what I have now is extremely unreliable.

Arcanyst cheese aside, Solarius works great with lots of cheap spells. I know that this isn’t really what the topic is about, but I have another Lyonar deck that does that If you have a Solarius down and they can’t remove him, you can play 3 or 4 cards back to back and opponents often have a hard time dealing with the pressure. I know that this isn’t really what the topic is about, but I have another Lyonar deck that does that.

Win condition is either artifact/grovelion combo, Pandora, or Solarius surviving for 2 or 3 turns and pumping out cards. Lategame a strong turn with surviving Solarius would be something like: Sundrop Elixir(Total Mana:1), Windblade Adept(3), Sun Wisp(5), Lasting Judgement(7), Roar(8), Beamshock(8). End result is +5 HP, 1 good body on board, 1 “token,” 3 Dmg of removal, BBS, stun a big threat. Draw 4 cards this turn .

In conclusion, I think that there are plenty of options that are viable, you just need to be willing to change up your deck and try different things. Yes, you are likely lowering the competitively strength of your deck but I believe that people are over valuing the strength of the meta cards. I play these decks at diamond (always seem to be hovering just before reaching rank 3) and they hold up well.


Had a Lynor beat me with magnetize… I was saying and he had “accidently” :smiling_imp: walled me into blood fire totems. Some rounds later he used magnetizes to ki ll me with 2 hp left. Mistakes were made on my part not seeing he dispelled 2 of my totems. But I was def surprised he had that card.


I think magnetize is good. I usually run 1 just because of that suprise factor. I don’t really like Divine Bond but when I do run it it is great for getting through provokes, or getting your provokes through to the enemy general. Also works well with buffed azurite lions. Dropem in the back, buff them up, then bring them closer so you can get both attacks off.


I’ve seen mesmerize played one time in the over 800 games I’ve played. If they allowed you to move more spaces then maybe it would see play but it def would if it had a draw card attached to it.


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