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Unseven, Reliquarian and Dying Wish Decks

Looking decks with unseve and reliquarian in this season, i have a couple of decks and was hoping to get some review and feedback to make them better.


I recommend Wasteland Wraith if you’re looking for boardclear. Its not a Dying Wish minion so you don’t have to worry about it messing with Unseven pulls, and getting it back with Reliquarian means additional AoE removal. Also sometimes baits out dispels.

  • Iris Barrier is an odd inclusions. Staying away and shooting things with Blast should keep you safe enough, not much need for Barrier.
  • Planar Foundry for drawing your Artifacts? Allows you to fetch Artifacts in the early game. Makes you less reliant of Oserix, but I think they weaken the Oserix combo without improving your early game enough to justify running it.
  • Golems themselves are bad targets for Barren Relic, and Dreamshaper+Spelljammer could mill you cards. For your early game, l suggest Dustdrinker (Intensify will proc again when it gets revived) and Duskweaver (card advantage, replace and cantrips), along with Obelysks if you choose.
  • Obelysks can be unconventional, but do not die to Circle Of Dessiccation. Consider including Allomancer if you want to revive Obelysks.

1/10. No Corpse Combustion.


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