Unpopular opinions


i think you mean birds.
faie has more birds
and you know what that means

bird flu


Faie doesn’t have many birds

She makes existing birds expand


“Birds” :smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:



*We need more creepy minions. dot.
*The Ioading tip for star’s fury wiII never fade.
*7 brothers wen?
*nocturne is the best minion.


Faie-with-a-parka looks really snazzy, but the default sprite, in the fan-service armour just looks uncomfortable.


Especially if you consider the fact that she’d be wearing that in freezing cold temperatures


I think the Thunderhorn point is valid, Aspect of Shimzar is going I believe when the expansion drops and that would reduce it’s power somewhat - especially with LitD wandering around too…


Only thing that comes to mind is:

  • you can’t play around stuff.

Yeah, sure, you can play around a particular card. Maybe around a particular deck, if you have seen it. But not around everything every time, because:

  1. there is almost always that one card you didn’t expect (or that one card you expected whole time but it’s not there);
  2. random (it’s card draw form in particular) will screw you over.


Neither Thunderhorn nor Lost in the Desert are OP (though they are very good); it’s the combination of those two AND blast that makes them so strong.

Meta is meta; the problem is when one deck defines the meta into “this thing and things capable of fighting it”


I may salty due to poor results in the last time frame, but here’s my unpopular opinion…

The amount of skill involved in the game has decreased with respect to UP. Now the average power level of cards and decks is so high that the luck of the draw and the matchup play a more important role than ever. I would like to see the game back to the UP era


No offense but maybe you should check your decks/plays instead of blaming the game. There is literally no powerincrease in IV compared to UP. Just look at how many cards from the IV are even relevant in the current meta. Lost, Rebuke and Bloodbound Mentor, that’s it. And none of them is on a particularly high powerlevel. IV was a trash set in terms of overall card quality compared to UP, almost all strong cards the set brought were Magmar and all of them were nerfed within the first month.


No offense taken! :slight_smile: But let me disagree with you. IV has brought many new things which changed the game a lot. First of all, the new generals. Ragnora and Shidai are the king and queen of frustrating gameplay, with decks shipping insane amount of burst and “uninteractive” tools. Then, aggro got amazing new tools: the top decks of the moment are very aggressive, with LitD Vetruvian and Burn Faie which were born exactly in the IV era. I’m pretty sure I can add more, but this is what comes on top of my head.

About blaming myself: I can certainly do it, yet a few things should be considered. I’m certainly not the best player around, but I used to be able to consistently hit Diamond (rank 3 twice) with around 70% winrate in my active seasons, playing only homebrewed decks (no netdecking) in 3/4 matches per day. Since I don’t think my skill in playing and deck building have decreased over time - though my free time to play certainly did - I would say that something has significantly changed in the game, because I lose a lot in (apparently) absurd ways compared to the old times. Call it power level or something different, but I would say that something has changed for sure.

That said, you are a much better player than me. If you have will and time, feel free to check some of my replays and write me a PM with a few advices on how to improve! I don’t want to deviate this topic too much


To quote jay “Duelyst is no longer won in positioning but now In deck building expertise.”


Even if that’s true, deckbuilding skill is skill as well, just a different kind.


This point was the point!


puts on best David Attenborough voice
Observe the wild @baharoth responding to concerns that matches are now more determined by having and drawing particular cards than before. Confronted by an appeal to an authority greater than himself he retreats to a different position, surviving with enough confidence to waylay future players’ concerns by asserting that he himself is not having any issues, meaning their issues are their own fault.



Instead of trying to be a smart ass you should read the posts. Tsevech claimed that the skill required for the game declined since UP because the card powerlevel incresed so much. I questioned this and mentioned how few new cards are actually relevant in the game. Jays statement that deckbuilding skill has become more important than positioning skill isn’t refuting my point or my position at all, it’s supporting them if anything so i don’t have to retreat anywhere. Since, as i said above, deckbuilding skill is also skill. So even assuming his statement is right, it also means Tsevechs statement is wrong, just as i said.

As far as the higher authority bullshit goes, you should know me better by now. I respect Jay as a player but that doesn’t mean that i have to agree with him or that i am giving up on my point of view just because he is a good player. If i think his point is bullshit i will say so just as much as i do with you. Main difference here is that these cases don’t happen that often because he actually knows what he is talking about.

I’d also like to say that i believe the statement is only half correct. With deckvariety and card pool increasing the deckbuilding skill becomes more important, that should be obvious. But positioning is still just as important as it was with UP. There are literally no pure burst decks in the higher tiers and most of the burst that is available to top tier decks depends highly on positioning.

Oh and, what was that again? Guess your rules apply only to others?


The meta just before Ancient Bonds dropped was the best meta any card game has ever gone through.


Wasn’t that like 100% tempo Argeon?


and if you were playing vet then you had a “fun” time playing pin the tail on the backline value generator.