Unpopular opinions

  • Battle Maps could have Day/Night Cycles or at least two versions

  • Progenitor is female, as well as Ragnora. Kara is better as female than male #BrienneofVanar

  • Aphotic Drain should draw a card

  • Chromatic Cold should never have been nerfed

  • We still need Vanar and Songhai tiles!

  • we need more toolbox minons in neutral or lyonar for Titan decks. I’d like to see a power/health swapper or equalizer, a 5/5 ownership swapper (look up Gilded Drake), or even other cards that have the “no spells in deck” condition.

  • Waifu memes are creepy garbage.

  • Rotation is healthy and necessary.

  • The core set is too big.

  • Monthly cards needed to be reworked or abandoned.

  • The balance patch that hit azure summoning and phantasm should never have happened.

duelyst was in a perfect meta where every faction had a top tier deck except magmar and there wasn’t a clearly defined best deck. Than after the new generals dropped, abyss and vet kinda just dropped off the face of the earth.

  • The first 2 ancient bonds formats where tier 0.5 formats and not tier 0.

Midrange Vaath was always a deck.

  • Reva is waifu

  • Combo Ragnora is top tier rn

  • Argeon x Zir’An is an amazing pairing

  • Healyonar is top tier in any meta (unless Sunriser gets nerfed then rip)

  • Pupabomb can be viable

  • Burn Faie is the most annoying deck ever made

  • Gate to the Undervault should be nerfed. HARD.

  • Sajj isn’t EXACTLY waifu material

  • I’d fuck Faie over Lilithe


What about pre-nerf lilithe?


Still faie, any day


Kara is a female.Soooo yeah she is better as female.Based on her design and the make up of the game.All male Magmar, All female Abyss. Lyonar 2 males and female,Songhai 2 females and male,Vet 2 males and female.Seeing a Vanar “male” would have been interesting.One of the reason people are so obsessed with Ragnora being a female is because we don’t get to see female Magmar like no male Vanar.

Ragnora being female craps on the story of Magmar super hard.For the people who don’t read Magmar queen died before they learned their immortal egg justu. So the Magmar race is functional extinct and is just these 12 immortal dudes. If Ragnora has always been female the story of Magmar is stupid. Now reptiles are few species where the males can change into females(see bearded dragons due temperature). If they introduce something in the future fine but currently it makes no sense.

Also I get Rancor or Omniseer maybe but Progenitor being a female doesn’t make sense


do you know what I mean by “Pre-nerf” i’m not referring to a balance patch that hit lilithe.


Tbh I haven’t really been here long enough to understand the memes so please enlighten me


But faie all day erryday


That was lilithe’s original art.


*cpg loves synergy too much. there are and will continue to be too many cards that work too well and too easily with too many other cards and it makes for an unfun game becuase it creates situations where a player just dumps their hand and wins for it.

*Duelyst is a game with a board that has far too many ways to ignore the board. that’s dumb.

*there are too many spells. I want players to play nerds and have those nerds fight to win the game. see my second point.

*having a control/aggro/whatever meta is worse than having a more balanced game. I’ve played a shit load of Duelyst and it has the most polarized meta season after season of any ccg I’ve ever played.

*the hardest to play decks are the worst (swarm Lilithe as example) and the easiest are the best (Solo Vaath as an example)

*cpg is driving away long time players because they continuously get farther and farther from what the game should be- a board game with cards. It’s getting the point where we may as well just play cards with no board. LitD and Thunderhorn were fine, but being able to move the opponents guys or having your guys moved with cheap minions in a way that you can’t stop or plan for creates brainless, HUGE reward situations for the player who did the moving and that’s stupid. Solo General decks are stupid AF and are LITERALLY what the game shouldn’t be…ever.

*Duelyst has gotten worse every exp since Shim’Zar

  • Hai solo decks were never oppressive and are totally fair. Artihai needs buff. More types of solo decks should be viable.

  • Prenerf Magmar was OK and fair. Lavalasher never required a nerf. I’m not quite sure about Finality however. And I don’t play Magmar at all.

  • Actually, every meta since Lasercats Kara was fair, playable and enjoyable. Except maybe for 4dmg entropic gaze horn meta. Problem with meta is not in the toptier deck itself, but in the fact that everybody plays it.

  • Every archetype of Songhai is underpowered (playable though). CPG should buff everything Hai.

  • Deceptibot+Ass combo was perfecttly OK even before the nerf.

  • Unranked mode is completely unnecessary.

  • Infinite Sarlacs should be meta!

  • Grimes, Bloodsworn Gambler, Scroll Bandit, Oni, Blue Conjurer, Grincher, etc. are fun cards to play with or against. Meltdown was not, however.


Grimes and Gambler are garants for big laughs, I like that :slight_smile:


The information design of the main battle screen is terrible.

  • Shim’zar is the best expansion this game has had. Because its mechanics asked us to play the game in a different way. Battle pet decks worked, and it was a completely new style compared to what was there before.
  • Cards that just kill a unit should never cost less than 5. If it does, the extra condition should not be as trivial as it is right now on these cards. Punish is essentially unconditional in cassy. Area of effect removal cards are also all undercosted.
  • EMP is the biggest mistake this game has seen because it entices players to make decks with raw stats and less cool interactions. It should have been a worse card if we needed this effect in the game.
  • Thunderhorn should not have been printed as long as we had battle pets.
  • You may spot a theme, but battle pets were the best mechanic that was added to this game thus far.


yet the best decks of that era (Tempo Kara and October’s Reva) completely ignored it and the decks that ran battle pets where ineffective and ones that did ran battle pets ran only 3 copys of extremely powerful battle pets like Pax (still really strong, people don’t realise that when it’s played at it’s best it is before thunderhorn) and slo which was later nerfed.


Don’t mistake power with fun. Battle pets add a fun new type of unit to the game that is unlike anything seen before or since. Every expansion should have tried to expand the game horizontally rather than bolt onto existing archetypes.


What flygon is trying to say is that Lilithe used to be more ‘busted’ if you catch my drift.

That being said, I actually agree with the Faie > Lilithe sentiment.


Faie has more… personality