Unpopular opinions


Yeah, we talk about life, or try to help others recover from PABSD, or get people who can write code make duelyst again just in our image. Then we can make the new duelyst forums!


Punk Ass Bitch Stress Disorder?


Post Ancient Bonds Stress Disorder


Oh, urban dictionary has nothing on you.

I wonder how many people on here would actually want to do that anyways especially since we are all generally peaceful people, but we are still not so close that we could talk about things like “my wife divorced me and took the dog, I want to die” “how to spice things up in the bedroom” “my co-workers are criminals”


nah we have surprisingly a lot in common, I’m still in some Pokemon groups on discord which I was invited through PS! but we hardly ever talk about Pokemon.


just so we don’t derail this thread, please message me if we want to take this conversation further.

unless the mods are Okay with us derailing the thread


Ranged (and other keywords) need much more support.

(sidenote: ragnora is male. The lore states that the 13 magmar aspects are all male with their queen being a caccoon or dead.)


can confirm
just look at my badge

  • Astral Crusader is a boring card

  • Kron,Shadow Sister and Lavaslasher nerfs should have been 1 health point lighter

  • Third Wish and lot of nerfs were results of duelyst being a young game with no cards

  • GM Variax and Nosh Rak shouldn’t have been nerf

  • The Control meta in duelyst was the best meta in duelyst.

( People saying aggro meta is better never played duelyst when it more than 2 control decks in the same meta.When Sabotage Vet, Control Magmar,Big Abyss and Control Lyonar all existed in the same period the game was amazing.Great back forth games that go well pass 9 mana,80 percent of deck get used in most games,Late game minions were actually playable)

  • Stupid tigers(which got nerfed) should have been nerf not Kara bbs.Kara bbs was great for the game it made bad cards good. Rook was playable in Kara for example

  • Phoenix Fire is degenerate stupid card

(Not saying it needs to change but if Saberspine Tiger a 3 mana 3/2 “need to be” nerfed how does a 2 mana spell that does the same thing get no complaints)

  • Faie bbs needs to be nerf/changed for sake other generals in Vanar

  • Ragnora should have been a female, Kara should have been male

  • The game will NEVER be balance,Balance only happens when everyone has broken toys.

( What’s the best way to stop Nuclear War give everyone a bomb,Countries will still have different strengths but everyone having a legit bomb means they can defend themselves from anyone.That type of thinking applies to duelyst.)

  • Players need ask for tools and buffs instead of nerfs

  • Mind-Cage Oni should never have existed

  • People jump between factions unnecessarily much based on tierlists

  • Gimmicky effects are what keeps the game from becoming stale

  • Waifu faction best faction

  • Grimes is a well-designed card

  • Blood of Air is the most boring removal of the game

  • Nerfs have been spot on in the last few expansions (yes, even Revenant)

  • Lyonar needs a buff. One broken card would be enough push. Every faction has one or two, right?

  • Thunderhorn has great design, requiring careful positioning to be played and countered. Other cards are what makes it unhealthy, like Aspect or Lost in the Desert.

  • Speaking of Thunderhorn, I’m a little salty about Battle Pets rotating out for the next expansion. Why can’t I get the satisfaction of the opponent playing an Ooz while I can ramp out a Thunderhorn next turn?

  • Saurian Finality is badass. While it is entirely aggravating to play against, the assortment of arbitrary yet completely different effects in one late-game spell is an amazing concept. Kind of like Ultimate Infestation.


-Faie bbs should be reworked. 2 face damage as bbs is too good and basically uncounterable without a lot of healing. Also it stops kara and ilena for beeing used more.
-7 mana revenant was fine.
-Rebuke should never have existed considering magmar already had a lot of aoe.
-Now that it cost rightfully 4 mana, tiger should return to be a 4/1.
-I want more powerfull in faction 4 drops instead of beeing forced to used neutral insane minion like thorn-sunsteel-dioltas

  • Most of the supposed “unpopular opinions” here are actually mainstream :slight_smile:


Exactly what i thought lately, i don’t like RNG in card games.
Well normal RNG is okay, but heavy RNG is just annoying.

example of normal RNG that’s still okay imo :

  • deal damage to a random enemy
  • attack a random enemy
  • summon minion that died last turn/this game
  • teleport randomly

examples of bad/heavy RNG :

  • grimes, sometimes you pull 1 mana minion/battlepet, sometimes a big 9 mana minion or even abyssian gate.
  • gambler, chance to deal damage again is just the worst.
  • blue conjurer.
  • L’kian
  • and others that i forgot


Why do we have so many Duelyst streamers, in fact why are there so many streamers in general? I am not trying to insult them, I am merely stating that oversaturation is a thing. I love cheesecake for example, but never in my lifetime could I eat 1,000,000 of them.

If every streamer would be and would do the exact same thing I could agree with your cheesecake metapher. But there are big differences. Some streamers are only doing Gauntlet, some only Ranked. Some are S-rank, some silver. Some offer additional stuff like Viewer Deck Tweaking. Some only play certain factions, some all of them.
And I didn’t talk about the streamers as human beings with their own personalities at all.

But there is another point against oversaturation: There are enough times during the day when I can’t find anyone streaming.

  • Power creep is quickly taking over the game and most old players will quit because of it

  • the amounts of complaints in the last expansion meta was way too high

  • mantra and solo/artifact hai are basically the same cancer

  • lost in the desert is fine

  • thunderhorn should never exist

  • buffing cards directly instead of indirectly by printing powerful synergy cards should be considered to stop power creep.

  • set rotation is a lazy excuse to avoid balancing, even after you commit to the “no buff” ideology. (Ironic that CPG doesn’t want to buff cards but they give every faction stupid powerful cards)

  • midrange is cool


Is this an observation or another unpopular opinion? :thonk:


Both I guess :wink:


It could be both on observation or some people are similar.

  • pre-nerf Siphon Energy was fine and although blood of air is great, it’s fundamentally more boring than siphon.