Unpopular opinions


What are some opinions you have about Duelyst that might not be too mainstream? What thoughts would get downvoted to oblivion if you post them on the Duelyst Reddit?

I’ll start:

  • Reflection Vanar is not that bad
  • I like Le Tigress’s card description
  • Serpenti memes are starting to get old
  • Ragnora is female
  • a Control meta is worse than an Aggro one if only one control deck is dominant.


My thoughts:

  • Serpenti memes are old as hell, but that’s the joke

  • Sajj is a robot, why do people want body pillows of a robot? Is that how far we’ve come that we don’t even want robots anymore, we just want body pillows of them?

  • All metas suck as mid-range and I want endless nerfs to everything except mid-range Songhai

  • Why do we have so many Duelyst streamers, in fact why are there so many streamers in general? I am not trying to insult them, I am merely stating that oversaturation is a thing. I love cheesecake for example, but never in my lifetime could I eat 1,000,000 of them.

  • Get rid of RNG cards (gambler, grimes, operant) completely because the can create undeserved wins.

  • Make the grandmasters more like grandmasters, otherwise call them grandparents

  • You shouldn’t have to memorize every meta archetype’s every possible move, cards and strategies in order to have a slight chance of winning.

  • Don’t complain about other people complaining about one of your preferred faction’s card if you don’t know what it is like personally to play as their preferred faction against your preferred faction’s card.

  • Agree with @yerboijosh, unnerf mana vortex, every faction has some form of reliable insta-draw with cool effect (ex: sphere of darkness, sunwisp, frigid corona) except Songhai.

  • Thunderhorn is the most prime target for nerfing and should be taken out

I’ll edit as more come to mind.

  • sentinels are fine frustrating
  • lavaslasher has easy to learn interactions hard to master
  • bring back battle pets in the next expansion/rotation farewell ooz. Goodnight sweet prince
  • lyonar is weak, better buff silverguard squire
  • plasma storm should only target enemy minions but be nerfed to 2 attack

  • People complaining Or bitching about cards within days of an expansion coming out. But that isn’t just Duelyst specific.

  • Unranked shouldn’t be a thing *exception is when more players come from console or mobile release whenever that happens.

  • Magmar is an easy to pilot faction.

  • Lost in the Desert shouldn’t do damage to the general.

  • Thunderhorn is a strong (op) card but shouldn’t be blamed for every other card and be pointed at for other cards, as the one to blame all the time.

  • Memes, overused and are often terrible.

  • Some cards should be buffed (its not an unpopular opinion but I want CPGs to think about it buffing some cards and not just nerfs).

  • More “battle maps” and maybe colour variations of them should be done but for a cheaper spirit cost once you bought the original map (again maybe not an unpopular opinion but I haven’t asked around or talked about it to see what the general feeling is).

  • Lavaslasher should never have been nerfed

  • Reflection faie is hard to play, fair and requires a lot of match up knowledge.

  • Serpenti memes are getting old.

  • Artifact songhai and mantra are essentially the same deck, both equally cancer.

  • A control meta is worse than an aggro meta.

  • “If you don’t know what your talking about, just shut up.” That’s something i want to write into like half the topics here and on reddit. Be it because people judge/bitch about factions they have never played, be it because someone feels like he has to make a long ass rantpost about the meta when he stopped playing months ago or be it people freaking out about a new card 2 days after expansion launch.

  • Saurian Finality was totally fine and shouldn’t have been nerfed.

  • Burn decks are a necessary part of the game since they can keep heavy board control focussed decks in check if they happen to rise.

  • Related to the last point, uninteractive cards are necessary and not everything that’s uninteractive is bad.

  • Desolator is too good

  • If you complain about Lost in the Desert, chances are you are angry because you forgot to play around it

  • Same goes for Thunderhorn

  • Mana Vortex should be un-nerfed because BRM was always the problem

  • SirPenti memes will never get old


In before serpenti becomes the most polarizing topic in Duelyst, causing a schism that will turn the community into Serpenti Traditionalists and Post Serpentiists.

“As a Duelyst historian specializing in the field of internet culture, I found that in the turn of 2018 there came a wave of anti-Serpenti notions that marked the end of the Serpenti Dynasty. Though the worship of Serpenti had been falling out of favor since its peak, there had not been such a vocal outlash until this time period. A resurgence of loyalty towards their Meme God caused the [Serpenti] Traditionalists to come up in arms against those that believed the time of the Serpenti was to come to an end. This was the catalyst that eventually led to the Great Meme War, the largest conflict to ever transpire in Duelyst history.”


Can’t wait to see that In chapter 200 of the duelyst codex.


“Serpenti getting old” is depressing me, guys. And complaining about having lots of people making content for Duelyst, seriously? Here’s some of mine:

  • RNG cards are okay as long as they don’t effect competitive meta (Meltdown)
  • Thunderhorn is very OP
  • The meta is great rn
  • Control metas are the worst possible meta
  • Aphotic Drain certainly isn’t competitive but actually isn’t that bad
  • Battle Pets are okay when their logic makes sense (ranged), when they aren’t so powerful you NEED to play it (Ooze, Pax) and when players aren’t forced to play them (Aspect of Shimzar).
  • Ragebinder should’ve been nerfed slightly instead of Finality


Magmar should not be nerfed like it was.

Rng cards are fine.

The forum is a bit hard to use

Songhai should be nerfed a little bit

All metas are boring, because everybody is just palying the same list, while playing of meta is funnier

The crafting and orb system are actually fine

A lot of cards should be rebalanced since powercreep is a real thing


Gate is the best card in the game

  • lurking fear is top tier
  • Serpenti memes are old, but astral crusader memes need a resurgence
  • RNG is fine so long as it doesn’t impact the meta
  • the meta is really great right now
  • midrange is a boring archetype in duelyst
  • thunder horn opened up a ton of interesting synergies and deck building ideas for vetruvian and CPG should print more cards like it so it doesn’t become an auto include.
  • 4 mana 4/5 deceptibot was fine

  • The ladder should be reworked to make it less grindy and improve matchmaking
  • Several nerfs have been overdone and not properly motivated
  • Buffing cards should be an option to make the game more interesting
  • Rotation is an excellent choice

  • Blood rage with Catalyst Quillbeast is a vastly underrated combo deck
  • More focus should be put towards creating good faction cards rather than strong neutral ones
  • Gauntlet is hard to play
  • Reliquarian’s Magmar relic does grow better than Magmar’s grow keyword
  • Q’orrhlma’a is low key broken in the right deck

  • I never cared much for Serpenti or Crystal Wisp
  • We shouldn’t be using social pressure to stop people from saying things we don’t like
  • Duelyst will end one day and most of us will inevitably lose touch with each other :’(


Time to create a forums for this!


But how weird would it be?

And who’s gonna pay for the international rates?

What would we even talk about with each other?


Eh… A discord is probably cheaper.


What would we talk about then?

“Oh hello flygon, my wife burnt dinner today how’s your day going?”

We could talk about different games, but there is nothing any of us would have in common anymore after Duelyst.