Unplayable Cards


Dance of Memes
Mind Steal


Cards out of that list I’ve used in meme decks:

Fountain of Youth
Wind Slicer
Portal Guardian
Entropic Decay
Windstorm Obelisk
Corpse Combustion

Cards out of that list I plan on using in meme decks:
Stone To Spears
Fountain of Youth
Astral Flood
Wind Slicer
Orb Weaver
Portal Guardian
Sand Howler
Time Maelstrom
Entropic Decay
Windstorm Obelisk
Sand Sister Saon
Corpse Combustion

Prismatic Circle of Desiccation

I think a lot of these cards are still pretty decent, just not in the single best vet deck you can play :slight_smile:

And thanks for not including dominate will, it’s far too fun to ever be bad :stuck_out_tongue:


And here I am with 3 time maelstorms and 2 oserix, all from orbs.
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This card is not bad, just favours a underpowered archetype. [quote=“thefirstgokun, post:1, topic:9431”]
Aphotic Drain

Also an opinion, simply because it’s archetype is not currently powerful does it mean the card is weak.


I’ll agree with you, I think most of the cards you’ve mentioned are solid designs regardless of their viability. However, be honest: would you ever use Silverbeak in a meme deck?


Flaming Stampede is a 5 damage SYMMETRICAL aoe for 8 mana, and I can’t see how that’s good. Aphotic Drain is a “neat” design, but I put it on the list because its redundant since Abyssian has so much in faction healing. Yeah, sure, its an opinion, but I put it forward so we can discuss them.


Of course I’d use silverbeak in a meme deck, if you give me some ideas to make it work I’ll get right to it :3


Dominate will is what made people so scared to put scary minions close to them (us, vet(?)), it’s super bae (other than Aylmaao healer of course)!


Deck made of only birds, do it you won’t


Can I pretend keeper is a bird? :3


this deck is legitimately the worst I’ve ever played, and that’s saying a lot
i don’t even know if skywing and nosh-rak count but I need some extra minions

hopefully this doesn’t get taken down for being off-topic or smthn


If you need more minions: Elkowl, Owlbeast Sage, Wind Slicer, Sarlac the Eternal, Loreweaver (?), Sphynx.

In other factions: Suntide Maiden, Sparrowhawk, Bur, Wolfraven, Wind Sister Maia, Every Magmar minion if you stretch a little (plus they lay eggs)

Overall I’m really impressed you actually rolled with this stupid idea :laughing: You have my respect.


I know about sarlac and sphynx, but I don’t have too much spirit right now :confused: I think I could try a lyonar flying deck sometime.
Edit: Once I get it, I’d love to try a dying wish/flying crossover deck with sarlac and combustion, see if that works at all.


You can make a pretty solid flying deck for vet…silver beak is so bad though…doesn’t even fly. I call this one Master of the Sky.

Then magmar really enjoys diretide+flying. I call it Raptors.


Did someone say portal guardian wasn’t viable!

Fits right in with this flying theme here, just from the opposite direction, give flying to frenzy!

I think I am going to end up making these three into a thread all on their own.


I wonder if this could work with Trinity Wing. Maybe Manaforger instead of Kujata, and… idk what other Arcanysts though


I was thinking about that my self, it just starts to stretch its self awfully thin.


Put some Oserix in that deck and you got yourself a meme


Putting Oserix in ANY deck makes it a meme.


My obelysk deck runs 3 portal guardians and had 2 astral phasing, and sometimes it brought a change to the game.


I’m going to need to hear some logic behind this statement, because I’m not seeing it.

Assume there’s 6 Rebirth minions on the Magmar’s board at the time of casting.
You use all your mana, your whole turn to do 5 damage to everything, including your own general and creatures. Good everything on the opponents board is dead or is down 5 hp, but bad: so are you.
Final state: you paid 8 mana to (hopefully) clear the opponent’s board and leave you with 6 eggs.

Next turn, your 6 surviving Rebirth minions can smack his ass!

The only problem with that reasoning is that the opponent gets a turn in between and all your minions are 0/1’s. You basically gave your opponent a free turn while bringing yourself closer to death.

One Ghost lightning is all it takes to remove your Eggs. One spirit Harvester. Tiles of ShadowCeep, a Makantor, rush minions, etc… and that’s with 6 Rebirth minions out.

The more realistic number is 2 Rebirth minions out. The enemy general walks up to one and smacks it, then casts , for example Deathgrip on the other Egg. They now have 8/9 mana to work with. They now have threats on the board after their turn and you don’t.

Or maybe, while your minions are all Eggs and you put yourself 5 down for your turn, they go face and destroy your general. Possibly even with their minions that survived the 5 damage.

It can’t even be used as a finisher for the enemy general, since Magmar have much cheaper ways to do 5 damage to them from wherever. (See Elucidator which even saves your General 1 health of damage. See Makantor, etc…)

I’d really love to hear your reasoning as to why this cards is not a bad card at its current cost and with its current effect.