Unplayable Cards


Captain Hank Hart isn’t that bad in my opinion. At least it has the merit of being able to stay alive.

Soboro, Aphotic Drain, Saphire Seer are really miscosted. Swamp Entangler is a joke and should summon a copy of iself on a chosen space nearby to even start to be viable.


Who here thought that Songhai would EVER need a card like Artifact Defiler?

“Hm, I could ping my opponent’s artifacts with my many cards that deal face damage. Oooooor I could play this card to destroy the artifacts WITHOUT dealing face damage. Genius.”

  • a NOT genius person


lol so if I have the normal Circle of Desiccation its ok? Thanks, you’re making me feel better for spending the dust to craft it :joy: :smile: :smiley: :neutral_face: :expressionless: :cry: :sob:


There we go, precisely. Artifact Defiler is another example of a really redundant card that, when you think about it, doesn’t need to exist at all. You could draw a similar comparison between Inner Oasis and Fountain of Youth, or Silverbeak and Diamond Golem. Just because they have a designated purpose doesn’t mean they’re doing anything of use. You might even call them a waste of a card.


You know… maybe these cards are useless for the time being but I believe that one day they will have some use. Perhaps new cards will be printed to support older ones. You can’t say something is useless or know its worth until it ceases to exist.


here’s a card idea to maybe help replace decks. I can’t think of a name for it but here goes

3 mana
When you replace a card, draw it at the end of your turn

the stats could be tweaked since that might be a bit powerful, but it would provide card draw for replace decks as well as a good engine for crusader


Ethereal Bindmage


Ion… enough said…


Me scrolling through this list and not seeing a single Zukong in the list. He gets no value for at least 1 turn (2 of you play a battle pet on the preceding turn).


Yes but he has a stick, a baller stick, does Rae have a baller stick?


Good point. Rae just exists to die and hit the wrong enemy.


Good boy Rae…good boy.


I’ve made Calculator memes before. It was dank 8/8. It’s was probably a trial card to see if spewing raw stats was a way to win. Battle pets were overstatted or had good effects for their mana costs, and Calculator was probably the finisher in a battle pet -themed deck. (although I must say it’s pretty ambitious to even land a hit with it, since sotw can’t be used alongside it now that it costs 5)


do you mean the replace bug?



He does, actually. There’s quite a few cards built off of making a card from the replace bug. That one’s pretty bad tho except for the Astral Crusader synergy.


I played a mid-range Vet deck in Diamond/S before Ancient Bonds that went Starfire Scarab --> Silverbeak --> Nosh-Rak. A lot of times the enemy would use their removal on the Scarab/save it for Aymara (which I wasn’t running), so Silverbeak would tear them up. :slight_smile:


isn’t lyonar as a factian a trial to see if stat sticks are viable? if so, i think they got a pretty obvious answer


Is there any reason you decided to use Silverbeak over Stormetal golem? Because I don’t think that 1 extra health point is worth the drop in power.


Flaming stampede isn’t useless it is expensive.There is slow,expensive and useless

Oserix,Storm Kage,Exun are slow cards
Flaming Stampede and Circle of Dessication are expensive cards
Ace,Tremor and Fountain of youth are bad cards

Slow cards are cause by the speed of the Metagame for example Mandrake was a Magmar staple then it stop being played because it is slightly too slow.Expensive cards are really good cards that are given a expensive mana cost to negate how good it is best example if this Cryogenesis which was amazing at 3 and okay at 4.Bad cards are that even when you use them in the situation that are good for them they are still not very good like tremor and artifact defiler.IMO The point of card game is to create situations where some cards are good they are very few bad cards.


Usually odd numbers of health matter a lot more than even numbers - this is one reason why Bloodtear Alchemist, Skorn, and Mana Deathgrip are so useful (yes, Skorn and MDG have other uses, but Skorn sometimes gets used for pinging one creature, and MDG sometimes is used at 9 mana).

I felt that the extra 2 attack was generally unnecessary at that point in the game (since my plan was to drop Nosh-Rak on 7 mana). A lot of simple damage combinations in the game add up to 8, but getting to 9 is actually a bit more difficult and resource intensive.