Unplayable Cards


Everybody makes fun of Joseki, but all the Duelyst sets have cards nobody uses. However, that doesn’t mean they’re bad necessarily: Manaforger, for example, ate a nerf during the one draw change that made it almost unplayable, but Ancient Bonds sort of brought it back to relevance. In addition, some cards simply need to exist regardless of playability: Piercing Mantis is a basic Frenzy minion that teaches new players how to play the game, as is Serpenti. Even outside of these conditions, there exist some cards that deserve a spot on the Duelyst roster: Ghost Lynx holds a special place in my heart for its unique effect and identity as a cheap pseudo-removal, as well as a test of a player’s ability to utilize the board.

But there are cards that are simply bad: uninteresting thematically, underwhelming mechanically, irrelevant to the meta, and even redundant. You can’t build a deck around them. You can’t access them as a new player. All you can do is laugh at how bad they are, and hope that one day CPG turns around and makes them interesting, or at least meme worthy.

So, let’s list them and discuss them, shall we?

Flaming Stampede
Aphotic Drain
Captain Hank Hart
Astral goddamn Crusader T - T


storm aratha, silverbeak, captain hank heart, and even soboro and rogue warden are all actually playable cards in silver below, and gauntlet.

storm aratha and rogue warden are actually core commons, so new players will have access to it, even if it is expensive mana-wise. they both have a single keyword to help them get used to it, just like serpenti.

so is sand burrower, which while bad, teaches players what putting something in your hand does as they will be facing hailstone prison among other things.

but aphotic drain is just bad unless you have gor and something with deathwatch on the field.


Okay, I’ll concede the cards from the core set, but definitely not Silverbeak. Hank neither, given his rarity.


Yes there are cards that are universally bad, but I have played with succes in diamond with:

Flaming Stampede (just needs a very specific deck)
Captain Hank Hart (is actually in my healing Lyonar)
Rogue Warden
Storm Aratha

I did make a deck with Aphotic Drain but meh, it was inconclusive, I need more testing on it in order for me to write it off.
I’m still hoping for a deck I can build around Sand Burrower, but atm, yeah, not cool (that trick with kujata and twin fang and it is just too many pieces).

Also do not forget Gauntlet, Silverbeak is not bad there.


thats why i said they were playable in gauntlet and in silver and bronze i didnt say they were good, just playable in places with low standards or high skill.


Unplayable cards? Ok Rae go out and play with the Swamp Entanglers and Slos but be nice!


How does Rae even work? I’ve had him suicide into a minion only to dispel the wraithling next to him. Wth?


Unless CP provides a more reliable way to recall replaced minions, Astral crusader won’t be more than just a meme card. Anyways, the fact that you have to replace and pull the SAME crusader that you replaced before to have its ability prof essentially neutered it. If it was like excelcious with its buff procing every time you replaced something rather than replacing the card itself then things might be different. Probably not though


If a minion is adjacent to Rae when it dies it is dispelled, Minions that are diagonal to Rae count as two tiles away, if, say, there are two Minions adjacent to Rae, one vertically adjacent and one horizontally adjacent, then when Rae dies it is essentially a coin toss between either the minion that is vertically adjacent to Rae or the minion that is Horizontally adjacent to Rae that is dispelled


So in the end Rae’s just another RNG card…provided there’s more than one minion by it when it dies…


Yup, RNG and Distance, guess it’s a RDNG


Silverbeak and Captain Dank Heart are playable for sure at lower levels, where things survive (Hank Hart is ridiculous when bufffed). More importantly, they’re both great gauntlet cards.

Then there are cards like Joseki and Aphotic Drain. The devs think they’re good, we try to play them, it doesn’t go that well.

Then there are cards like Astral Crusader and Calculator and Soboro, which are just plain bad, and have been chosen to be ignored. May they Rest In Peace.

Then there are cards like Flaming Stampede and Eclipse (in the same deck, even… think about it). These cards are actually playable, but meme tier and difficult to use, both because of rarity and the requirement of an entire deck built solely around them. But sometimes you can make them work.


The most useless cards are the ones designed for a past gamestate. Cards were left behind as the game rules changed in major ways, leading to confusing cards thaat feel out of place. Particularly, these are the cards that fell out of favour with the 2 major rule changes (BBS, 1 draw)

Heartseeker (did you know that Reva’s token is actually a card?)
Twilight Sorcerer (high chance of getting BBS back)

1 draw:
Most low cost utility spells became too weak for the cost of a card. Examples include: blind scorch, moist walking, magnetize, damping wave. While these are not exactly useless, they are significantly less useful than they were before the change.

Additionally, sword of Mechaz0r and Gorehorn used to be Songhai staples due to their power when combined with cheap displacement spells / inner focus. Now, they just stand around confused. At least they both found new jobs in mech decks or memes.

Generally useless:
Astral Crusader (makes no sense mathematically.)


Don’t forget that with the inclusion of bangle and various backstab mechanics, moist walking is pretty good considering the benefits of getting your general behind an enemy. It is essentially a cheaper twilight fox. I’m not sure how moist walking was before, but I’m sure that it shouldn’t be considered an outdated card. bangle-hai equipped with a mask of shadows or even obscuring blow is scary!


Has anyone mentioned about half the Vetruvian cards yet? No? Well, half the Vetruvian cards then.


Moist Walking
1 Mana spell
Teleport your juicy General up to 2 spaces and left a puddle of Moist instead.

Stun enemy that step on it.


There was actually a tempo deck that used Rae to take mana springs so you could ramp into 4 drops or 5 drops really early. Slo is still usable, not that good but usable.


I know, Hell used to use Rae as a way to ramp before Scorn nerf, I was mostly being sarcastic with the whole comment, every card has some form of utility


Vetruvian: the faction with the least amount of viable cards :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Siphon
  • Stone To Spears
  • Fountain of Youth
  • Astral Flood
  • Wind Slicer
  • Orb Weaver
  • Portal Guardian
  • Sand Howler
  • Time Maelstrom
  • Entropic Decay
  • Windstorm Obelisk
  • Sand Sister Saon
  • Corpse Combustion
  • Pantheran
  • Oserix
  • Prismatic Cirlce of Desiccation [/details]


I honestly never understood that quote. I don’t think Vet has that many bad cards compared to other factions, I would consider maybe 4 cards completely unplayable to the point they can’t be even used in janky fun decks. (Siphon Energy, Fountain of Youth, Orb Weaver, Stone to Spears) It changes depending on on how you view certain cards, (I think cards like Sand Trap and Portal Guardian are usable) but even if you add a few more cards than the total number isn’t significantly higher than any other faction.