Unofficial TOTALLY RAD formats


Me and @guededead were, for some reason, lead to play Superpauper, a TOTALLY RAD format in which, beyond the classical common-only Pauper ruleset, you play with common-neutral-only decks. Yes. No faction cards, no spells, no artifacts, just you and the underdogs. You thought you’d never use Ghost Lynx? Think again, thats a staple in our meta; “Wow, Diamond Golem is so meh, its, like, vanilla!”, say those too mainstream for Superpauper.
No, really, I mean it. We’ve had serious matches, with game twisting turns, even more than twice in a match! Try it with your friends; its a cheap and most of all fun format, in which you can make shine all those cards that rarely see play.
puppydragon dominating our meta plz help

What about you? Do you play in any alternative rulesets? Ever heard or had crazy fun ideas for unnoficial formats? Please do share!


Sounds fun :smiley: Diamond Golem is still the mvp in my Polarity Deck here


By the way, “Superpauper” is a perfect mode for brewing and practice your criativity :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like fun, I’ll add you in-game, ok?


Right, friend request accepted


I host a weekly tournament series where I do fun formats. It started up a couple weeks back.


note to self: dont bring mom to Freud’s tournament

Also, that link doesnt seem to work? 404/organizationNotFound


Whoops! Edited the link.


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