Unofficial July Top 50


Hey folks so while we’re not getting official top 50 lists I thought I’d throw something together. Grabbed the top 50 right before the end of the season and then figured I’d throw in some extra goodies and tried to compile as many decklists and data as possible to give us a look at what the people in the top 50 were playing. :smiley:


I admire the hard work and dedication, but I’m also slightly worried that one day you’ll go slightly manic and have a twisted smile with an evil laugh with having all this data.


Phan uses hmmmmmm
Critical hit



haha nothing but benevolence yo, I mean I’m the one running tournaments now so I can’t even play and having hidden data wouldn’t even do me good. XD


True, but it could be the long con where you plan to keep S-1 for seasons for when you re-enter the playing scene xD.


I mean I guess I’m still on ladder technically but I also didn’t collect any of it till the season ended so we’re all on pretty much the same playing field. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, although my playing field is usually Silver and Gold since I don’t play as much as others. Maybe, one day I should try getting to S-Rank with a meme deck (perhaps this month or next). But playing against meta decks all the time in diamond sounds like a lot of effort just to reach S-rank.


Yeah it can be a bit of work getting there with something off meta but just two months ago I got there with a 1000 spirit Divine Bond deck so I know it’s possible to play outside the meta. :smiley:


My meme decks usually hold up until Diamond 2. Afterwards it’s a quick rush with smth closer to meta, and then meme again :slight_smile:

But also it becomes much, much easier at the end of season.

And really, I can’t remember when I played top decks, even if I play smth boring it’s usually Artifact Hai, Swarm Abyss or smth else that is T1.5-2 or smth. So everything is possible. At the end of season at least.

@rhacker93, please take care of yourself. We need you :kissing_heart:


3.2% Vanar… I’m not surprised but still pretty sad.


I was 6-1 with Vanar in the Meltdownleague until week 3 happened. :confused:


But hey least that 3.2% has a lot of turnover into the top 10 so there’s some folks out there who might be starting to find something. :eyes:


Thanks for the concern I’ll do my best. :heart:


@rhacker93, I just noticed that you have something more than just top 50 list in that link.

It was a VERY interesting read, I hope you will continue making such overviews even when official top 50 return.


haha thanks yo and will do my best provided that I have time.


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