[Unofficial] Complain about patch here


Not to be negative, but such threads are bound to happen so might as well try to gather the low quality ones into a single low quality thread to keep the forums a bit cleaner.

You dislike something about new cards and want to complain about it despite not seeing how they actually perform ingame? Or in case if the patch is already out by the time of you reading this, maybe you just got de_stroyed by a card and want to complain about it being broken? Or perhaps it is something more general like the expansion having too many battle pets and power creep?

Well then, you’ve come into the right place as there is no judging here! Feel free to voice your opinions and don’t worry about them not being well formulated or based on nothing but your gut felling.

Okay, okay, I’ll start: The hell is going on with Vespyric Call, how is that card not absolutely broken LmfAo.

Your turn.


I just wanna say, i enjoyed maining Magmar, but i guess its pretty much Ripperoni now lol.


i just want to know what the soulburn obelysk does
and the bloodfire totem


Tfw no reaper change :frowning:


Come on man, was this really necessary? Also you probably shouldn’t tag something with OFFICIAL if you aren’t a dev…


Grandmaster Zendo. Full tilt Songhai. Probably the least fun and most annoying minion to play against.


I did it because I’m an attention whore and I want my thread to get noticed. Either way, this isn’t about me but about the new cards.

Talking of which, why did Starhorn only get a single card that support his BBS and it’s a bad one at that? Does CPG really think that will be enough or do they believe his BBS is fine and doesn’t need any more support? KJADSJAkdha~


Yea… I saw Vespyric call and immediately thought, “Well, people thought Kara was broken before. Veskara is probably gonna be a thing.”




jk jk i actually really like the patch


I really like the patch but REALLY want to know what Soulburn Obelisks and Bloodfire Totems are.


Wait so is Magmar getting nerfed into oblivion or something?


Kind of unhappy there weren’t any higher mana cost battle pets; I would’ve wanted to see what a 6-mana would’ve looked like. Songhai will probably be cancer (mirror meld boars -_-). I’ve attempted to figure out if Psychic Conduit has any use whatsoever. I can’t think of one.

Still really excited for all of the new Vanar tools :slight_smile:


I don’t like Battle Pets. :smiley:


The new shadow creep decks will be kinda bullshit in my opinion, the “normal” shadow creep is useless since u just do 1 dmg (or 2 if u have the right card on the field) but the new “obliterate” is way to strong.

Sooo what do u want us to do now with the shadow creep? Buying time and running away untill we can literally “obliterate” our enemy in one go? o.O


The reason new Shadow Creep won’t be BS is because most Duelyst games can and will end at like 7 or 8 mana, unless you’re running a really slow deck.

If anything new shadow Creep just makes slower decks (that aren’t Cassy) harder to play. Rip.


Well Magmar got fucked again. Thanks CP for giving other factions CHEAPER metamorphosis-effect cards and nerfing fuck out of their late-game. Fucking solid.


Should rename the expansion, Battle Pets of Shimzar.


So veteran gets nerfed. Sunsteel just looks better. Little point of playing veteran still.

Still unsure about egg changes. So eggs hatch earlier. Harder to have an egg on field. Harder to use egg effects like new Lava Lance.

Vanar gets more AOE clear with Frostburn. So what is Vanar’s weakness now?! :confused:

Blood Baronette might make Wraithling Fury viable :stuck_out_tongue:

Pandamoniun is going to overload cuteness factor :laughing:


Soulburn obelisk is a 0/4 that destroyed any (enemy?) minion that deals damage to it while the blood totem, 0/4 as well, which is given to your opponent, deals one damage to the general at the end of each turn.


no Kara change. I believe Kara will remain strong.