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Unlimited Arcanyst Works - Mythron Edition


The fun part is I could never play dedicated bacon properly, but this list is much better in my hands…used to holding Arcanysts :slight_smile:


…Bacon also TastesGoodMan…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was brewing something new in Vet while trying to improve my Arcanyst Furnace deck when my PC said “farewell” to me. Hope, new update will be coming soon, when my PC is up again.

I also hope that you guys following my thread are not annoyed too much by bumps with little content. I’m still not as bad as CPG :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I should give some updated contribution to the cause too, has been some time since I put my hands into the Arcanysts’ business…


Magic is immortal. Just like my Arcanyst thread is.


The gods see the slow but steady work of the Arcanysts, and have abolished the Laws of Creation. The gods mark this thread as immortal, and immortal is how it shall live on. Hail Conjurer.


Stay open, Arcanyst shop!


Guys, I’m really grateful for all your bumps, but at this point the thread should already die.

I almost don’t play Dooli and when I do I’m not in the mood to test something new. So probably there will be no new updates. At least not until new expansion or balance change.


I feel you @alplod… I’m taking it really easy with Dooly as I’m starting really feeling fed up with the situation, so I understand if you just don’t care that much any more.
Perhaps when we’ll get these vaunted new Q4 contents you shall open a new topic :wink: .


…we could have a benevolent mod make this thread immortal by closing it and then reopening it…

Just sayin’


I added a Healarcana Lyonar list which I was tinkering with for a long time,… and didn’t have any success. Who knows, maybe I get some advice?


Looks cheap and fun. Are Lightchasers good in this deck?


Actually, I like Lightchasers in general. Also, they provide healing synergy I couldn’t fit in other mana slots.


I recently got the spirit to get all these legendaries (thanks CPG for 5 orbs)
Help @alplod


I’ll think about it :wink:

EDIT. @cookedpoo, I tried to remake classic Arcanyst build from @deathsadvocate to incorporate these cards you own, but even on paper it looks not too good, so I won’t even post it.

As I see it, your best bet is to make something similar to my “Silent Arcana” build with heavy control and stall.

If you want to focus on Nightshroud synergy, you may also want to try some additional resummons via, say, consuming rebirth.

Sorry for not providing any draft, I’m pretty busy irl during last couple of days, I’ll probably try to build something later. If you build something faster than me, I would definitely be interested in seeing that.


Is there an Abhorrent Unbirth deck with Firestater and Arcanysts?

I can’t really picture it though.

Furor Chakram should be in there, shouldn’t it?


Interesting list. I’d add though at least another 2 mana drop (Crypto maybe?), drop the Conversion, 1 Firestarter, and find some room for Chackram making some of the spells 2x (like Abhorrent and pact).
What about the life stealing arcanyst?


See @deathsadvocate’s master thread, necromancy deck. It’s one of the only decks I don’t want to tinker with, it’s VERY good.

That said, you may probably need to tinker with it in current meta, like adding BotU somewhere.

Also, DeathKnell is good. You should add Deathknell and Trinities.


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