Unlimited Arcanyst Works - Mythron Edition


Wow, that’s very ambitious :stuck_out_tongue: The hardest thing is probably keeping Moebius either in range of the enemy general or alive after the second turn (when it usually becomes a 3-health minion).


I try not to play Moebius naked. Usually I play it when I’m able to buff it with Owlbeast, or if the game somehow goes to 8 mana (rarely) you can support it with reflection.


Not at a secret, no worries :smiley: ! I’d like to share more but needs more test :sirpenti: .


Oh, the effect happens at the start, not the end of your turn. Then it makes sense :slight_smile:


Owlbeast festival!

Use replace, cantrips, and whatever means necessary to find an Owlbeast, then Mirrorim and Second Self it .

Enjoy a deck consisting of 50% Owlbeasts, and every spell you’ll cast from then on.

Edit: Now containing actual Mirrorims.


:open_mouth: LIFE COIL???


I need this thread alive for further updates. Nothing worth sharing at the moment, but I’m constantly working on it.


Really enjoying your Azure Arcanyst deck for vet. I find myself replacing for arcanysts in the early game and searching for the birds to close the game. Was this part of the original strategy or am I just clueless in playing arcanysts?


Imo, this is how the deck is supposed to be played.


Vanarcanyst deck idea: Pinglord Arc Faie with Owl and Polarity because it costs 0 Mana to surprise win because no one expects the Polar Inquisition. Works extremely well in lower ranks, they don’t even know what’s a Polarity.


Don’t want to sound like a jerk, but the idea is as new as divine bond Owlbeast. By this I mean it’s the most classic way to play Arcanysts in Vanar

The problem with playing Arcanysts in Vanar is faction’s overall crapness:

  1. They are left with no cheap high impact spells (all Aspects are now at least 2 mana, MDG is 2 mana).
  2. They have an inherent problem with card draw.
  3. No good cheap cantrips.
  4. AoE sucks.

So I have problems with almost any Arcana Vanar build past gold.


I feel a lot with that aspect nerf. That was huge to me, but I’d say it was totally “necessary” to be fair and push Oak totally out of the playable section of cards…


I like to mix Vanarc with mana crystal optimization, with the classic shivers p1t1 and still MDG and Malisalt. It’s much more efficient this way. Also my only deck that makes Ghost Seraphim viable. T4 GS is so satisfying tbh.just a random thot but what if aspect xho gave u astral phasing with shivers in hand


I have smth I brew in this direction. Post later if you’re interested. Work in progress.


Imagine being able to Flash a Ghost Seraphim through whatever shenanigans you can muster. Also, I would love to see a Ghost Seraphim curve, post whatever you already have.


This is what I ran to S rank for my budget articles a couple months ago.

If you have less budget restrictions, and with some consideration for the Mana Deathgrip nerf which took the card from one of the best in the deck to one of the worst, I’d perhaps run something like this (untested):

Ghost Seraphim is pretty cool in that it lets you run some more expensive spells, but I don’t think the deck needs it right now. Anyway, best of luck to you both, I think the deck still has legs.


im trying to get some help in useing a good deck that uses " intensify " can someone help?


You may want Death deck under Cass tab. It’s the most effective use of intensify I can think of.


Added a funny Lyonar deck. Added second version of Lord of the Arcane deck. Edited tag for Cadence deck from “work in progress” to “for fun”.


A little bump just in case.