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Unlimited Arcanyst Works - Mythron Edition


Since I’m a well known Arcanyst enthusiast and also a maker of meme decks, I decided to post my fun Arcanyst decks here.

Note that most if not all of these decks are not S-rank-worthy decks. These are the decks I made for my own amusement and the reason I post them is to share my amusement with all of you, guys. Still, I took my effort to make each deck at least playable. Most have about 50% in Diamond, which satisfies my needs. I’m too lazy to prepare statistics for each deck, so I won’t. But I will make note when I feel that the deck is more fun oriented than competetive.

I mostly won’t post conventional decklists, though I do also play them. If you are looking for competetive arcanyst decks, you may check the most recent @deathsadvocate’s master thread for Abyssian Arcanyst decks DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Eternal Trials of Mythron or the Songhai forum base for Hai lists: Festival of Songhai Trinity - Post-Mythron Rerotation. Competetive Vanar arcanyst lists are afaik nonexistant now.

The list will be updated as I create and test new decks.

Previous thread: Unlimited Arcanyst Works

DISCLAIMER: Sry I don’t come up with creative names for the decks, I use the names I have for them at my account. It’s comfortable for me to create decknames using the “tag” system. By that I mean that all my Underlord decks contain “Lord” in their name, all my swarm decks contain “swarm” and so on. It makes it easier for me to find exact deck I wanna play. So all decks here will be “arcane” smth. Hope you understand.

So, let’s start:

Lord of the Arcane

[lord of the arcane]MTozNTUsMjozMjYsMzozMzYsMTozNTcsMjoxMDMwMywzOjEwOTkzLDM6MTEwMzksMjoxMTA4OCwyOjExMDk3LDI6MTExNTIsMzoxOTA0NSwzOjIwMDU3LDM6MjAwNTksMjoyMDE2NiwzOjIwMjI2LDI6MjAyMjcsMzoyMDMzNA==

Second version:

[lord of the arcane 2]MTozNTUsMzozMjYsMzozMzYsMTozNTcsMjoxMDMwMywzOjEwOTkzLDM6MTEwMzksMzoxMTA4OCwyOjExMTQ0LDI6MTExNTIsMzoxOTA0NSwzOjIwMDU3LDM6MjAwNTksMzoyMDIyNiwyOjIwMjU3LDM6MjAzMzQ=

It works, guys! Nightshroud with Underlord!

Why play this deck, you ask? A couple of reasons:

  1. Abjudicator’s discount lets you finish the trial really fast. Discounted Vellum is your main aim. And you will consistently summon Xor on 6 mana turn.
  2. Aethermaster’s replaces + vellumscry make finding the right cards a walk in the park.
  3. With Araras, Aphotic, Nightshroud and Trinity Wing we have loads of healing, especially post trial.
  4. Summoning NightShroud post trial kills the opponent with the speed of light. You summon him, sacrifice a couple of times and GG.

Just don’t play shroud and Illu before trial (OK, you may actually play illu, but only in desperate case) and everything will be OK.

Has a favourable matchup against other Xor lists!

The first version is better post Trial, the second one has better chances archieving Destiny. Both are pretty playable.

Arcane Swarm

My favourite brew - Swarm Arcanyst hybrid.

[arcaswarm 2]MTozMDEsMjozMTAsMzozMTcsMjozMTgsMzoxMDMwMywzOjEwMzA1LDM6MTEwODgsMzoxMTE1MiwzOjIwMDQ5LDM6MjAwNTcsMzoyMDA3MCwzOjIwMTMzLDM6MjAyNzIsMjoyMDMzNCwzOjMwMDM5

Why play this deck? Well, it’s swarmy as hell. No Zyx can comprehend what Prismatic Illu can do. Really, at 4 mana Illu +BBS is 4 bodies, add inkling surge - and it’s 6 bodies already.

Basically you are ready for everything, cause you use 2 engines. Playing against Vet? Let the swarm swarm. Against Magmar? Let’s see how you deal with that superbuffed Owlbeast.

Sadly, we lost sphere as 1-mana cantrip which made deck a little less powerful, but still it’s very fun (and somewhat effective).

Other options include Wraithling Swarm in place of grasp and Firestarter in place of Shadow dancer.

Silent Arcana


Unordinary Arcanyst deck, where you actually don’t often play spells. Wanderer and Artifact HATE! is strong within this one. For all corresponding reasoning and discussion you may consult this thread:
Big Arcanysts: Trying to build Antimeta Control Deck

Arcane Cadence (for fun)

[Arcane cadence]MTozMDEsMzozNjEsMzoxMDMwNSwyOjEwMzA2LDI6MTA5ODgsMzoxMDk5MywyOjExMDk2LDI6MTEwOTcsMzoxMTE1MiwzOjIwMDQ5LDM6MjAwNTIsMjoyMDA1NywzOjIwMDY1LDM6MjAyNzIsMjoyMDI4NCwzOjIwMzc2

No illusionist, no Deathknell, but Cadence and Shadow Reflection.

Actually, quite old idea of mine, but never managed to make it even barely working until Bonecrusher’s appearance, which enables Cadence all by himself.

And it’s probably THE deck to make Moebius do something.

Fun fact - Mooebius transforms every turn. So if previously buffed he can’t be dispelled.

Cadence works with Crushers, Moebius and anything buffed by reflection. I like this deck’s ability to close games suddenly with those two spells. You should have at least some board for this, though.

The main problem now is the lack of AoE removal. Golem Vet or Swarm Lilithe are harder matchups. Any Aggro also screws us pretty hard.

Pure Arcanyst


What makes Vet Arcanyst powerful? Useful cantrips and powerful control suite.

This deck is made in collaboration with @atheistmantis, and I love it!

Here I go almost full on Vet control (BoA and Sandwhirl), deciding to leave Lightbender behind. The reason for this is that we have enough arcanysts for synergies, and Sandwhirl is more powerful.

As for spells you may see that there’s a lot of 2-ofs. Not the best choice, tbh, but I like this toolbox concept I have here. With Aethermaster it is possible to find the exact spells you need.

However, some spells may be omitted depending on meta and personal choices:

  1. Bone swarm - useful and cheap, but may be left behind if you don’t see much swarm/Lyonar for other spells.
  2. Second wish - my personal choice. I like what it makes of 2-mana arcanysts, it makes some early board that is hard to remove. But generally it’s considered to be not so powerful, so you may leave it behind.
  3. Inner Oasis - it’s a cantrip, but not a cheap one, and very situational.
  4. LiTD - hit or miss spell, but VERY powerful against solo decks.
  5. Star’s fury - another swarm control, may be left behind depending on meta. Now it is not needed so much, IMO.
  6. Fault - mostly needed to override opponent’s faults, or give just another wincon. Trying to ramp it via Abju or Rae is unneeded, IMO. If you feel safe against Fault decks or think you have enough of wincon in Owlbeast - get rid of it.

The deck’s main problem is the lack of healing (usual for Vet), but Araras and Trinity cover this department somewhat.

Azure Arcanyst

This deck was developed with the help of @deathsadvocate in times when Azure was 0 mana and Falcius was 3. Now it was rebuilt:


Here I choose Lightbender over Sandwhirl since we have less arcanysts due to incorporating Azure combo. Also 3-of Oasis is a must as it’s synergetic both with Illu and Azure combo.

That 1-off Trinity is due to it being discounted by the Azure combo. We can’t add the second one or the combo would be inconsistent. I like the ability to dig for it via combo.

Conjurer is my choice as I want more draw over consistency. @deathsadvocate himself proposes using 3 Rasha’s instead. Also I don’t own 3 Rasha…

The deck is very fun. No one expects Arcanysts from Vet, but even less people expect Birb combo from the Vet Arcanyst build. Unpredictable and powerful, love it.

Has unfavourable matchup against Pure Arcanyst build (:slight_smile: who cares?) and heavy aggro due to the lack of healing.

MechStabArcana (mostly for fun)


The main appeal of the deck is that everything is synergetic with everything.


IF+Sword = AOE
Dusk Rigger -> Backstab, Spells, Mech synergy.
Bandit -> Arcanyst+ Backstab synergy.
Card draw: Backstab BBS+anything+KE, Backstab+KE, Draw BBS, Spelljammer, Dusk Rigger, Bandit.
4WM for some healing an artifact ping.

You can decide whether you’re going for mechaz0r or for arcanyst,…or may not decide. Actually, going arcanyst first is better, since removal will be burned on them, giving space for mechaz0r. Everything demands removal, mobility is superb.

Enjoy. It’s also rather cheap.

Blue Owl Spellhai

Well, Arcanyst archetype is considered to be one of two fair Hai archetypes usually (other being Midrange Kaleos/Reva, of course). Here I go the unfair route. The deck incorporates the reason why I fell in love with Hai back in the times of 2-draw: the ability to push unbelievable amounts of damage out of its ass.

[blue owl spellhai]MToxNTIsMzoxMTUsMzoxMTYsMzoxNDAsMzoxMDMwNSwzOjEwOTkzLDM6MTEwOTQsMjoyMDA4NywzOjIwMTAyLDM6MjAxMjksMzoyMDE2OCwzOjIwMjQxLDI6MjAyNzUsMjoyMDM3NywzOjMwMDEw

Here we have the list that is based on two things:

  1. Spellproc synergy - almost any damned minion here is spellproc compatible. BRM and 4WM are artifact hate and face damage.
  2. Backstabs everywhere! Killing edge + backstab your 4WM! Make your backline frontline!

Endgame is covered by Blue Conjurer and Kensho. These bodies are not only meant to deal damage, but also distract opponent while you spellproc him to death.

Deck is rather hard to pilot. It is not an aggressive list, nor it is midrange, it’s more on the combo side. Earlygame you should try to stay ahead on board. Then you should translate into spellprocing with BRM and 4WM and Blue Conjuring. Then you pull some crazy combo and finish the opponent off. The list is very rewarding when you pull sweet 15 dmg out of Chakri somehow left on board.

Some options may include SparrowHawk over Conjurer and phoenix smth (fire or barrage) over Kensho for a faster game, but you may suck against healyonar then.

I think the deck is quite powerful, try it, you won’t be dissapointed!

It actually works better than it looks.

Arcanyst Reva

Inspired by @lonewolf56, this deck uses Reva in place of Shidai, and is more agressive than usual Arcanyst lists.

[Arcanyst Reva]MToxMjMsMzoxMTUsMjoxMjIsMzoxMzAsMzoxMzYsMjoxMzcsMzoxMDMwMiwzOjEwMzAzLDM6MTAzMDUsMzoxMTE1MiwzOjIwMDgxLDM6MjAwOTQsMjoyMDEwMiwzOjIwMTY4LDM6MjAyNzU=

Previous season (June 2018) I reached Diamond 2 with this deck. The most interesting thing in this deck is the use of Deathstrike Seal. Battle Panndo is an obvious host for it, but Reva also has heartseekers making the use of the spell more consistent. With lots of Wanderers roaming around transforming an opponent to Panndo doesn’t work well, since they become 1/3 and are able to attack. DSS is more lethal.

Panndo + DSS also covers the usual Arcanyst problem in playing from behind. Activating the combo with Gotatsu costs 6 mana, but allows you to avoid dispell, removal and kiting.

Maybe more experienced Hai players would torture me hard for the absence of Juxtaposition in the deck, however I don’t need as much mobility here to include the whole teleportation package of 6 spells, and 1/1 buff of mist dragon seems much more useful here.

Arcane Bacon

[Arcane Bacon]MToxMjMsMzoxMTUsMzoxMjEsMjoxMzUsMzoxNDAsMzoxMDMwMiwzOjEwMzA1LDM6MTEwMzksMzoyMDA4MCwyOjIwMDg3LDM6MjAxMDIsMzoyMDEyOSwyOjIwMTY4LDM6MjAxOTQsMzoyMDM2NQ==

Well, I’d probably post the decklist.

I don’t remember if I stolen this deck from @eurasianjay or developed it myself, but as this list is almost identical to his (+1 owl -1 sparrow, -2 PF +2 OBS) I assume I should thank him in case we discussed it somewhere.

I didn’t play it for some time, but when I did play it it was fun and powerful.

Have not much to write here. Basically Bacon mixed with Arcanysts. I remind you that Abjudicator is an Arcanyst, so is Chakri Avatar which is widely used in Bacon lists. On the other hand second self is not only useful with Chakri/Owl/Buffed Heartseeker, but also once in a blue moon you will be able to store Killing Edged Bacon himself.

So everything is synergetic with everything, just as I like it.


Lyonar tend to go so-called “Owlbeast Punch” route for their Arcanyst builds most of the ttme: summon Owlbeast Sage ->make your arcanysts huge->Divine bond/liturgy->profit. This is a nicely working and well-known tactics. I was looking for smth fresh though and it looks like I found something.

HealArcana(work in progress)


Finally I managed to make it to barely playable state.

Actually, Sun Seer in Arcanyst/Healing build is very good. Consistent +2 health every turn is pretty much the double hallow ground which is not on the ground :slight_smile:

The list aims to start with healing synergies proceeding into building board with Arcanyst. Every minion is a threat which should be removed really fast. That said, the list lacks AoE and hard removal in favor of cheap spells and is additionally pretty slow, and thus is not well suited to the meta. I don’t recommend playing it, but you may tinker if you’d like to. I will.

Overwhelming Arcana (for fun)


Yeah, it works worse than Owlbeast Punch or regular Swarm Brome. But it has certain appealing factors.

The main star of this deck is not Owlbeast as you could assume, my fellow arcanyst player. He has more of a support role here. The main star is Prismatic Illusionist himself with the help of Auroara.

Summoning Auroara defensively, then going Illusionist+BBS+Steadfast formation next turn leaves 9/5 on board supported with a couple of fragile but annoying provokes. Then you may Magnetize your Auroara to do heavy damage.

The main target for your Aegis Barrier is usually Auroara or Surgeforger, not your Arcanysts. The main advantage of this deck over other swarm Lyonar variants is that you not just waste your turn summoning lots of minions, you actually do something else (cast spells) while automatically summoning more minions. Also, with Zyx nerfed, this deck has the most ridiclous rate of Auroara buffing that cannot be archieved by any other deck.

Another tweak is the synergy between Loreweaver and cycle spells (Aegis and Plume) which is insanely good at hand refilling.

Still, with no place for Golem synergies and no place for Swarm Buffing spells (they are too costly) this deck performs very inconsistently, and I would not recommend it to anyone who seriously wants to climb the ladder. I consider it very funny though.

Arcane Furnace (work in progress)


Short writeup as of now.

Loreweaver has neat synergy with BBS.
Arcanysts seem to be the natural choice for buff decks: low stats are buffed, little useful effects are useful still. And Owls.
Rush Frenzy Eclipse is awesome.
Mindwarper has nice attack, hand preserving effect and is also flashable unlike Alciun Jr.

To consider: Blue Conjurer, Both Alcuins

Overall deck is kinda inconsistent being able to finish trial anywhere from 5 to 7-8 mana depending on draw. Still fun. Mainly cause of Rush Frenzy Eclipses.

To be continued…

Hit me with you budget memes
Feedbacks on my Arcanyst Shidai Deck

Nightshroud & Trinity in Xor is so cool :stuck_out_tongue: I think there are a lot of unexplored synergies in the Bond keyword. Good job with the decks!


Added Vet. Lyo is next.

EDIT. Or Hai.


Added Hai.

Lyonar will be later. Trying to update my HealArcana list, and also will post good ol’ Owlbeast punch…if I manage to make them work.

Still a couple of unrefined Hai and Vet decks left.


Good job mate, and thanks for the quote :slight_smile: . Let’s keep Arcanysts’ ideas flowing!


Patiently waiting for the Moebius decks


Any list with Conjurer is a potential Moebius list :slight_smile:


That lord of the arcane deck looks really cool! But as with most xor decks, how does it deal with aggro?


Same as always. Aggro beats it more often than not.

Actually, I’m thinking of adding Alcuin Brothers there to make Trial finishing even faster. And to copy Aphotic. Maybe it’ll help.


I’m no Xor expert so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I think Acuin Fugitive would be very good in your Lord of the Arcane deck. I made a Arcanyst Xor deck heavily inspired by it and I found Fugitive to really pull his weight, extra Aphotic Drains and Darkfire Sacrifices are very handy and he is an Arcanyst to boot so he even has synergy with Nightshroud.


I’m currently testing version with both Alcuins. I’m not very satisfied with Loremaster, but Fugitive is pretty awesome, especially if ramped.


Have no luck with Lyonar so far, but added Moebius Abyss deck for @bepoest :slight_smile:


Have you considered Deathfire Crescendos in this Cadence deck? I’m thinking along the lines of: If you don’t draw your Corporeal Cadence, DFC may be a stronger standalone spell than Shadow Reflection - and reduce your need for Aethermaster to bring the combo?

In non-swarm decks, I’m actually wondering on how to decide between DFC and Shadow Reflection. I lack the experience.



In non swarm decks, especially Arcanyst DFC is unfitting. Given the health of our Arcanysts it’s hard to sacrifice them when WE want, it’s usually for the opponent to decide.

Oh sht, probably yes! It’s too slow to be relevant, but is also a fun fact… if it is a fact, but I’m quite sure it is!


But you have Wraithlings. And enemy minions can hopefully die too.


Hopefully :grin:

You are right, if I needed just a strong 3 mana buff, I would use DFC, that’s how my Abyss Arcaswarm deck started. But here I need something to suddenly and immediately go face, and it’s reflection. Since face.

Btw, @bepoest, I hope it’s not a secret, but @atheistmantis was brewing smth with Moebius and kinematic projection.


I’m sure you’ll find something clever with Lyonar Heal procs, buffs, Moebius and Divine Bond.
It’s only a matter of time. :wink:


Vetruvian certainly can do things. Astral Phasing Moebius seems scary.


I did actually find something I consider clever, but it’s not viable atm.


Go get them blindsiding Moebius OTK wins!

I’m coaching the hell out of you. :stuck_out_tongue: