Unknown artifact received from Grincher


Just a few minutes ago, I was playing a game with my artifact vetruviain, and I dropped grincher. I was fairly certain I already had the win, but I wanted an extra artifact just in case. I received a 2 mana artifact called ‘cyclone generater’ which gave my general celerity. I was fairly certain it didn’t exist, but I took the instawin then immediately went to check the collection and of course didn’t find it.

Up till now I was certain grincher could only give faction artifacts. So is it a bug, or can he now drop nonfaction artifacts?


any pictures?
huh… I’ve never heard of that.
It may be in the files but not actually released into the game.


Huh? Are the devs hardcore trolling us, or is it a bug, I wonder?
That artifact sounds like something a boss might use.


Aww, wouldn’t it be fun to have that in Vetruvian? :smiley:


Or in magmar…:smiley:


Yeahhhh, no. Don’t need the world to end yet.


somebody go look through the game files, and/or spam artifact hunter :smile:

actually nvm, can i add you and watch the replay???


He can always generate non-faction artifacts. Apparently, the artifact is indeed a boss card


I’m not gonna read that cuz spoilers, but im guessing we will get this card for beating the boss?


No, it’s purely a boss card, Grincher pulling it is either a bug or a feature. :stuck_out_tongue:


Could as well do some private games to pull some boss artifacts off a Grincher
Like, both side 3x Grincher, Alcuin Loremaster, Twilight Sorcerer, and Hailstone Prison
Im not free atm tho


he wasn’t lying, this is pretty interesting

too bad there’s no new art :frowning:


@gabriek was this on ladder or sandbox mode?


its a screenshot from the OPs ladder game


Thanks for the confirmation. Created a reddit post about this here.

According to CP, this is not intentional. :slight_smile:


Yea, this should be fixed soon.


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