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Unit Skins by an owl


I’ve been saving that one for some time, waiting for a good opportunity to use it :wink:


These are pretty great! Too bad I don’t play Argeon.


If you search, there are many, many more skins buried in these forums.


As it appears I am one the last surviving threads in this forum, Greetings all I have returned.


Oof I’m feeling major pain. I play Duelyst in my browser so I’m pretty sure I can’t tamper with it. But it’s nice seeing what the community is doing.


Welcome back :slight_smile:


Anyone know how to get to the sprite data for the mac version.

Edit: I figured it out but for anyone as clueless as me, Macintosh HD>Users>Library>Application support > Bandai Namco>Duelyst.app(left click and inspect contents)>Reources>arc>units


I’ll look into it for you when Im on my laptop


I don’t know if this is the right format but here are some Magmar ones I did





Thats really clean I like the vanar color swap


Bump for Blue Manaforger and to promote your awesome thread Owlington.


Can someone please make an Abyss Vaath?




reee why is it red
i though it would be purple


Merry Christmas everybody, honestly to everyone who has been in this community since Shimzar, I love you all so much and it means a lot to see us all still here although we aren’t all as frequent as we use to be. I hope that when Duelyst inevitably dies that we all remember our little moments together. Atleast we will always have this too friends Duelyst memes


May your day be filled with great moments of joy!


I will still take some time till we are at that point :wink:

Merry Christmas!


Thanks to @mothergreen you vanar mains finally get some reskins this for Christmas.


Yo, can someone provide me with the basic Healing Mystic skin? Changed mine w/o backup and now I want to go back. Thank you in advance!


here ya go