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Unit Skins by an owl


Hey, I am working on some recolors, a dark+gold theme for Songhai and some neutrals:


Is there a way to upload a zip file to the forum? I could upload the full pack if anyone is interested.

Thanks to @owlington, @feelsgoodman for creating the GIF converter and @edward4244 on how to swap sprites!


Armored Scarab:


Hey! That’s pretty good.


Oh yea, if you’re lacking inspiration could you do a Protoss reskin for a few Vet cards?


What’s a protoss yo


You mean something like this?

Vetruvian General (Alarak/Tal'Darim Reskin)


Kind of, but maybe more Aiur-ish. Although. Nerazim is my favourite.


Can’t argue with that. Only reason I did Alarak was that he instantly sprung to mind when I though of this guy’s bald-ish head. :sweat_smile:
I’ll see what I can find to do some Aiur or Nerazim skins.



Finally got my pc back so good news mate


Hey Owl:

Could you make a windblade adept skin based off of shulk from xenoblade?



I attempted it a bit once awhile ago; it’s harder than it looks due to there being some color overlap between the soldier and the sword. Still possible, but it’s not a simple reskin like others.



That’s a shame then…


send me an image of shulk, possibly one without the shorts tho
windblade skips them leg days


hmm, would this work?


Was thinking about a new Faction Reskin. Was going to do all Abysian Units in the fashion of the newest skin in under Abyssian Minions



I think this should get more attention again.


Nice necro, good sir




You were very quick with that…almost too quick…:thonk:

I don’t have this badge for nothin’ :sirpenti: