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Unit Skins by an owl


Tools > selection > fuzzy selection > click on background
If you can delete from there, delete. If not, go to layer > transparency > add alpha channel > delete.


aha! got it. thank you so much. now, its time to have some fun :slight_smile:


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Thread unlocked feelsgoodman


Is anyone still taking ski suggestions? If so, can you make a flaming Serpenti?


Not everyone lives in a snowing region


Skis’ with a flaming Serpenti decal wouldn’t be as cool as a skateboard with a flaming Serpenti…I wish I had the artistic prowess to make this happen :cry:


lol realmkeeper kaleos


I can recolor if you like, did you want mostly orange?


Orange flames or blue flames would be fine, either way industry want a flaming flying Serpenti of death to frenzy my foes to death!


I don’t think I’m good enough to put flames on him :frowning:


Here you go @mmf


What about “Police car Kaleos”?


I approve of this [thread] resurrection.


Does it have false stats too?


I’ll take suggestions since I’m not too inspired rn


@owlington did you end up doing all of the dark vetruvian ones individually, or is there a way to edit them all at once?


Can you make khymera into a hunk of meat (like a steak)? Because it was made to be tenderized before being played


Individually mate, the best thing to do is choose a color scheme then open all images you wish to edit at the same time and ALT+TAB to cycle through each. @mmf i can try lmao