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Unit Skins by an owl


Ill try it out , try the snow effect too


I also made some skins for myself but decided to share them. Would it ok if I post here?


No, here.


It’s up to you, im currently busy with university so i wont be posting skins for a little, if you wish for me to include your skins above tho then just message me with them. Ill give you credit on them so people dont assume i made them. However if you want to post your skins to the community skins thread then u can do so too


Oh thanks, I think I will post over there


@srgpayne100 Check under Neutrals for a suprise mate


I’ve got to ask, what do you use to do the editing? I want to make my own but I don’t want them to look terrible, but I also can’t just draw new minions without a program to do it


GIMP its pretty good, and its a free program that can utilize invisible backgrounds around the sprites


I got bored, so I made this:

It’s for firing lazers.


@jon678910 meme thread now.


Im going to be using this ingame


Why would this go in the meme thread? It’s a completely serious skin.


Made this one for @bublublub

Hopefully it won’t have white boxes, else I uploaded the wrong one.


hahahahahahahahahahahaha…that’s freakin’ perfect


I want to get round to making some more for forun users, but there’s nothing as iconic as green frog.


thanks bro, I love you


I seem to be limited in the original color pallet. How can I break this limitation?


Are you not able to edit it? I used paint for my editing then used gimp to remove the background. I had to select all then copy paste it onto a blank piece, since you can’t edit the original. I’d guess you need to do the same if you use just gimp.


You can use the tool to copy colors from legit wherever on your pc. Even from the browser, i believe the command is Shift+O. Um otherwise you can usr ctrl+B to bring up the toolbar where you will see colors, you can literally mix any color mate
Lemme know if it helps


i was able to use paint to get my colors, but how do i remove background in gimp? cant find the command.