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Unit Skins by an owl


I tried my program on your jax take a look:


healing mistyc:


Can you send me a gif of just the first and third one in the animations?

I dont know if thats possible just wondering


I believe if you right click on it and "save under… " it should work.


That was really helpful thanks


Here some more :smile:


[details=nashrok ]

[details=incinera ]



[details=fackin dog]

[details=someone noone play]
@owlythesova Can I use several of your skin in my thread to advertise my thread?


Wrong owl
15 characters


Trying to do a ruby rift skin for lyonar, did these units so far


Gave up on Vetruvian and returned to Songhai, so you can look in the songhai general section for a new Kaleos skin and also in the Nuetral section


Purgaros Kaleos looks really nice. Nice job :slight_smile:


Have you guys seen this yet?


Nope, never have. 1st time :laughing:


Just wanted to let you know that someone’s already done a gold Serpenti. Better hurry or else all the meme skins will be gone


They beat me to it. Curse them!!!


Additionally, if I could request @feelsgoodman to make these do their standard animations. I made so many because I can’t judge which one I’d look to use for Songhai.

[details=Puppydragon 1]


More of a lantern fox or onyx jaguar look (below)

Puppydragon 2

More of a fire look (below)

Puppydragon 3


@seraphicreaper : Skin png/plist to gif image converter released


Leave the memes for the peasants i say


U made those skins for this thread or for something else?


I’ll never get over how sick these are, you guys are awesome. Nice combo with the gif converter too! Maybe this summer I’ll have time to try my hand at it. Y’all are awesome


Those ones for here, but made others on Ryan’s thread.


You’ve seen my Faie deck. Icy Skorn… check. Icy Tigers… check. How about… snowy Wings of Paradise? White feathers, maybe with some blue accents? I’ll post a pic of the complete lineup :wink: