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Unit Skins by an owl


Not yet, but will be :slight_smile:


Okay ill add them both when your done


Sorry to ask this, but does anyone know how to edit the spritesheets on a mac?


Find files (see discussions above, I did mine via steam), since you don’t have ms paint, I suggest what @owlington suggested, GIMP.

Make 2 copies of the units, spells, etc, you’re looking at doing, 1 to keep as original/intact, another to edit. If you can’t seem to get gimp, can try www.getpaint.net/


Thanks friend, found it after about 30 minutes of faffing around :stuck_out_tongue: time to f things up


[details=Vanar/Ice Blistering Scorn]



[details=Songhai/Fire Mini-Jaxi]


Community Unit Skins
Invert Sunset Paragon


Ill add them both to the skin when i get home to my laptop and im able to test them out and see if they fit smoothly, ill edit your versions and send the edited one to this thread, you can then give your input as to if you prefer the edited one or not


Black Mage Mystic cuz Vivi and Black Mages :heart:


So I copy/pasted the reskins, and most of the units are blinking, invisible, or being really glitchy. Any tips on how to fix this?


Did you download them using the method i showed above?


I downloaded like the first 3, then got lazy and copy/pasted the pictures. Copying instead of downloading may be the problem. I’ll change it and see what happens.:yum:


So does this change the base sprite, or do the effects actually change too?


animations will be the same, just with the new sprite(s)


So is this essentially recoloring all the frames for the animations?



Fifteen characters


Ok thanks, I’ve just looked into editing custom skins on lol and that seems hellish compared to this.


OOOH! I like it. FF fanboy approves


New skins with help from seraph. Came out pretty good, check neutral section