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Unit Skins by an owl


Something like that, its more so an issue with the forums
When downloading the image click the image so this screen appears and then click that download button, it should keep the quality at 1024x1024, let me know how it works out

Oh and some good advice is to always keep a copy of your original minion in case.


I imported all of the Vetruvian skins. They’re working perfectly.


Perfect, could you try downloading the new skins i added… diloltas and First Glitch of Akrane skin (These were more so me testing the capabilities of my editor) wanna know how you all like them. The glitch one is higly experimental, but do not worry it wont actually affect your computer or game. I just removed certain frames to add a glitch feeling


So I tried a reskin and am currently getting this…

it functions, but there’s clearly a problem :smile: know how I can fix it?


Did you edit it with microsoft paint? I originally edited with microsoft paint and because the application is unable to read invisible backgrounds it gave a white background. To solve this use GIMP or photoshop to edit the image,


I did use paint. Hmm. is there a way where I can move the image to one of those to have it auto-correct the issue?


I don’t see a download button for the Vetruvian artifacts, is there something I should know about how to use these?
and I’ll assume the spells are a work in progress?
Also, no Oserix?


These look cool dude!


I actually made a pretty amazing skin for Oserix with the chaos theme but i legit lost it in my files alongside my original Oserix image. If you could please send me a copy of your original Oserix file i will redo the skin for him. Yeah spells are a work in progress, try right clicking to download the artifact image and tell me how it works for u, they work for me fine but i dont know how the forums image downloader will respond


I figured out the model swap things. It’s veeeery glitchy. I swapped exelcious for ziran. Now it looks like ziran is in a constant seizure. Excelsious mostly just turns invisible when he’s not moving.

A screenshot of this in action.


Dang that sounds bad but look good


I think someone more experienced than me could figure out how to completely change it. It looks like the game takes an animation he has and uses that. If he doesn’t have an animation like ziran’s idle, then he just is invisible. When i tried to summon a minion he was doing his attack animation.


Because remember that generals are more complex than minion, that is why they have extra frames which include a casting animation, minion on the other hand do their attack animation when they activate an ability such as battle pando and nimbus when they trigger. So its normal to do it’ attack animation to cast


Yeah, Ik. Im gonna try with a minion next.

This is ziran, but a minion.


I feel as if the skin color on StarGazer Argeon is too light and offsets the skin however yeah new skin… i added the “FEATURED SKIN” tab which i will be changing based on personal preference of which skin i want on the front page


Eeee, I did it. Thanks for Gimp suggestion.

Did a little work on Repulsor Beast :slight_smile:

If you want to add it to the collection, either way is fine (first time, so really just learning the basics, not really too amazing). Regardless, it’d be sweet to have a whole area of skins that the community has done

[details=Details tab to minimize space.]



The image file you sent of the frames looks like the original repulsor beast,


:slight_smile: Only difference is the color of its glowing face. As I said, learning haha. Actually doing a jaxi one now, not quite set yet though.



Songhai/Fire Jaxi

Actully really happy with how it turned out.


Looks nice, did you edit the mini jax as well?