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Unironically playing War Surge to Diamond, more likely than you think!

So I’ve been playing Zoo Brome for a few weeks and I think I’ve found its ultimate form. I’m not running into any Plasma Storms or Trigon Obelysks, so things have been very smooth sailing for a while now and I thought I’d share:

You go wide, buff things and smash. The trick to winning is not attacking with 1-Attack minions if you can help it. Buff them first, and swing when the enemy needs to spend more than their General’s attack to destroy it. Overall, the deck is tricky to pilot because positioning matters so much and it’s insanely easy to empty your hand into an enemy clear. I rope quite a bit figuring out my turns.

You can win as early as P1T3 whenever you blindside your opponent though.

What interesting decks are you enjoying right now?


Really interesting take :thinking: The swarm is really nice. Been trying to figure out a use for Empyreal for a while. Would you consider Lady Locke or Mirkblood Devourer? Maybe a Trinity to help the draw?

@miguelosz made one of the coolest Lyonar decks I’ve seen. Really fun use of as he put it, “cantrips.” Not much a better way to put it imo. Here’s the decklist. Been playing it here and there.


Then my personal baby I’ve cultivated with love and affection.



Lyonar only or in general?

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You could upload the deck to www.duelspot.com :slight_smile:

Always room for more fun Lyonar Swarm decks there!

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Before I started using Empyreal I found I was just running a smidgen short on immediate buff effects. If I can land it on three minions I’m happy! It’s probably the card I replace the most after Repulsor Beast, but I really find I can’t spare it. Both Locke and Mirkblood can do well in this deck, but the reason I strongly prefer Surgeforger is that its own attack ramps up so quickly and really lets me threaten lethal, which forces the opponent into responding to me rather than setting up counter pushes. The 2/4 on Mirkblood is nice, but I’m never playing Forger naked anyway, and a 3/3 statline tends to be at least equally good because it lets me trade with most 2-drops right away. They’re okay proxies, but Forger’s the way to go imo. I ran three copies of Aurora up until recently but it’s just too vulnerable to single target removal, and the lack of an aura buffs hurts it too much. Oath is an excellent card, but the difference between 3 mana and 4 mana is huge for a deck like this, and Fealty regularly nets me four or even five cards. I cut Oath months ago, personally, and haven’t considered going back. I wouldn’t be able to do this if I didn’t run Replicant. Between it and Fealty, I haven’t run out of gas in any of my matches the past few weeks.

I love the Lyonarcanyst deck, I’ve advocated for it in the past! That version looks very spicy; Lyonar just has so many great 1-mana spells, it’s great. One of these days I have to just nut up and get Alabaster Titans because their decks always looks so excessively cool. Is there any particular reason you’re running Solarius over Spelljammer?

In general!

Hmmmm, perhaps I shall do that!


Yay! :smiley:

I also think Fealty is stronger in a setup like that than Trinity Oath. Surgeforger offers more power potential than Mirkblood and Locke for sure.

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In terms of Lyo, been enjoying unironic usage of Call to Arms for similar purposes. Now that you point it, War Surge might be interesting as i’ve been using that other mass buff that has Intensify.


I definitely wouldn’t replace Surgeforger or Fealty :thinking: Its just part of my preferred style of play I guess. I like a secondary option to fall back on if I never draw the preferred card.

As for Solarius, thanks to Sun Wisp and Dreamgazer, I never really run low on cards till T6. Due to Surgeforger and Lady Locke, I never have any trouble with body on the field and once I hit T5, I’m burning 2-3 cards a turn to run train with Surgeforger or prep for Alabaster drop. So Spelljammer doesn’t bring strong enough draw, which is kinda funny to say. Plus Solarius gives the opponent a juicy target I’d rather lose over basically anything else on the field. Its low stats are tempting to burn a general attack or paper minion, if not a spell.


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