Unfortunate's Lil' Card Tweaks


I dunno, its not that I’m unhappy with the game right now or something: On the contrary, I love me some Duelyst.

That being said though, I think its due time for some card tweaks. Some rather notable cards have flown under the balance radar as of late, probably due to the other glaring issues with dino-men and cold people. I thought I’d put my 2 cents in on some old cards, and try to adjust em. Here goes. As a note, this isn’t taking into account the current strength or weakness of factions/decks, its just gonna look at the cards individually, and tune them as such.

Natural Selection:
This is a good card. This is a reeeeealllly good card. Not much dispute about its power level, as its pretty much a 3 of in every magmar deck ever. But something about premium hard removal at the 2 cost slot doesnt sit well with me. Even if it is conditional. (lets be honest though, its not THAT conditional)
My solution is to bump the card to 3 mana, to bring it in line with martyrdom: Hard removal, with a reasonable restriction.

Oh Dioltas, my old flame. I used to run him in pretty much all of my decks, and with good reason. The raw stats and board presence he offers is binkers bonkers for 4 mana. And for that purpose, I think he’s fair. Dioltas himself only has 3 health, and the tombstone is a 0/10. Great for a lockdown gameplan. The problem with Dioltas arises from buff spells, namely divine bond. With even a meager buff, the tombstone turns into a damn ironcliffe, forsaking the “lockdown” gameplan in favor of huge damage. This is not fun, and doesn’t reflect the design concept of the card.
My change is this: make the tombstone a structure instead of a minion. Bing bam boom, done. Now Dioltas is a tried and true stall card. No more suprise 10 damage. The focus is back on the stalling and positioning, where I believe it should be. And hey, it also makes thematic sense. It IS a tombSTONE after all. Athough, with this, CPG’ll have to get rid of the lovely move and attack animations. Rip in pips.

Veteran SIlithar:
This card is so outclassed by ragebinder its not even funny (Ok its kinda funny). +1 mana, +0 stats, less effects. Honestly though, as we’ve seen with ragebinder (which is rather good) a strong midrange health pool with the new rebirth mechanic (rush on respawn) is crazay. So I’d opt to give veteran more attack than health rather than revert him to 4/5. Perhaps a 5/3 would work out, or a 5/4 if CPG is feeling dangerous.

Orb Weaver:
I like its concept I guess. Good ol dervish swarm synergy. While its fair in its current state, it sees 0 play ever at all, as it and its clone only have 2 health each. To make it have more of an immediate effect on the board, I’d make it summon a wind dervish instead. Same concept, same synergy, same flavor, just a wee bit more effective at fighting for board.

Sky Burial:
I like Lyonar’s thing with general positioning. It fits thematically and has interesting gameplay applications. Sky burial, unfortunately, has to compete with martyrdon for both the 3 mana and hard removal spot. Admittedly I’m not sure if this change will make the card too good, but after testing both it and martyrdom in a bunch of different lists I feel like a 2 cost sky burial would solidify it as a seperate and interesting removal option from martyr.
Now I know I complained about a 2 mana hard removal just a few paragraphs ago, so let me explain my reasoning here. There will ALWAYS be a target for natural selection, and if you have no minions (or a particularly beefy one) it WILL be one of your opponent’s. Sky Burial, on the other hand, is WAY more conditional. Often times there will be NO targets for it, especially if your opponent is positioning themselves consciously. That’s another keyword: positioning. Sky Burial is ENTIRELY reliant on positioning, whereas natural selection is concerned only with the stats of existing minions.
In conclusion, I believe natural selection is less conditional than sky burial, and their mana costs should be switched accordingly.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my shpeel. There are almost certainly more cards to adjust, but this post is getting long as it is, so I’ll cut it off here.

Tell me what you think!

Unfortunate out.


Its very hard to “re-balance” Natural Selection. Even though it can be used extremely effectively, the card is a limiter in itself- For example, if you have living Kujatas or Young Slithars on board, Selection will likely not be useful. So you kinda have to plan your deck with that in mind.

Tombstone change is nice, maybe better if the player can pick where it spawns.

I also think Ragebinder is ridiculously strong in comparison to Veteran Slithar, I dont know why I dont see this being called out all over the forums. I also dont know why people dont seem to hate Scintilla as much as I do.

I think those are nice tweaks overall


If it makes you feel better I hate Scintilla as well hehe.


I love newer players because they live in world where they don’t see the possibility of things that have already happened.Once upon time Magmar players didn’t play Natural Selection.Why? Rebirth minions(infact you mention one) was actually good.It is harder to use natural selection when eggs are around.

Even with that not being the case currently Yes is that conditional your minions mess with it,their minions mess with it.The playing style needed to make NS very effective means that Magmar isn’t playing a ton of minions a turn which in itself is a weakness. One of the prominent strategy against NS is to silence a egg , Another strategy is swarming the board, Another strategy is to play a Saralac.The card is going to vary in strength depending on the meta this meta it is strong,Wait until you get a meta where Abyss or Vet is strong.Natural Selection is fine one of the better designed cards

Edit just read the stuff on Sky Burial

Sky Burial condition is if near a general you can’t use it

Natural Selection condition is you have to hit the smallest target on the board,If target is smaller than creature you want to hit can’t use it

There is not ALWAYS a usable target for Natural Selection.


Natural Selection: I don’t think the card needs a change, it’s strong but you can play around it well enough imo.
Dioltas: Straight-up agreed, I just think the Tombstone should spawn on the same spot as Dioltas to make the card more predictable and make positioning more important.
Veteran Silithar: Both alternatives seem fine to me; the card should be playable again.
Orb Weaver: I agree the card needs a change, but I don’t think this is the way to go. If the Weavers were 2/3’s it might be good enough already. Or if they had an effect that a buff to one is replicated onto all friendly Orb Weavers on the board!
Sky Burial: Yep, made the exact same suggestion and the set reviewer on Bagoum suggested it as well. It makes sense.

Good thread, sensible ideas imo.


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