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Unfair matchmaking


Someone fix the fcking matchmaking. For some reason i get matched with people with 500 more games than me, wich leads to the fight being always an unfair tedious clusterfck. Probably matching people with almost equal opportunities to win would be more interesting…


I wonder if it’s because this is a dead game and there are more old than new players?

Would you rather wait an hour for a 15 minute match or two minutes?


I prefer “living impaired.”


Sadly, there are not enough players for fair matchmaking.


The matchmaking always worked the same. It doesn’t care about ribbons, it only cares about rank. So if you are in Silver you get (mostly) set up with other silver players. (There is also a reason they are in Silver and not in the higher divisions.)
And 500 wins is not that much and doesn’t tell you anything about their skill either. It only tells you they played more but oh man did I see players with a lot of ribbons make beginner mistakes…

I would recommend to look at what you can improve about your gameplay. If they are better players than you then you could try to learn something from them by rewatching the replay and thinking about your and their positioning. Positioning is the most important skill in that game.

Here you can find guides about positioning, disenchanting, deckbuilding and budget decks which offer enough power to reach s-rank with them (with certain amount of skill). It also tells you how to get free orbs.

If you want more practical advice tailored to your playstyle, send me a friend’s invite (same name) and I can do a replay analysis for you. I would happily help you out.

You will find out at some point that not the ribbons are the decisive factor. Duelyst is a difficult game to learn and there are a lot of small mistakes you can do without even realizing. Learning the basics and having a solid deck will give you most of the edge you need to keep up with the more experienced players. The rest comes with play time :slight_smile:


The notion that this is somehow a deadgameTM or player count issue exclusively is also absurd BTW considering I regularly queued into S1 while being in gold all the way back in 2016.


Duelyst = dead game in 2016 confirmed? :stuck_out_tongue:


@pavedsurface We might not be able to control who you’ll be fighting, but we’d be more than happy to help you increase your own winning opportunities. A lot of people here will help you with all sorts of stuff: deckbuilding, replay review, effective tactics, you name it :smiley:


One must not fear, for Frosty Zappy is here!


Fairly new to the game (1 month), but I’ve already figured out that playing people with a gazillion ribbons isn’t a sure loss. I know ahead of time I’ll be pitting my fairly weak (“starter+”) decks against a high-end collection, but that’s fine. I’ve still been able to pull off an occasional win, say… about 25% of the time. Boronian is correct that knowing the optimal positioning for what’s currently on the board (and what may be played next) is the strongest skill to have. Playing carefully, timing things properly, not leaving yourself open to easy counters and judging the trade-offs correctly allow a Silver/Gold rank deck to eek out good wins against top-rank decks. And older players make the same simple mistakes we rookies do. But planning for those opportunities and building solid counters into your deck ahead of time, and being patient to capitalize on those mistakes makes a big difference.


Hi, Ribbons are not indicative of skill. A nice streamer name Captain frost has played duelyst for over 2.5 years, his highest rank ever was gold 7.

When you do your time learning the game and getting good budget decks going you will be getting wins vs any player. Keep learning and looking at where you go wrong. Duelyst is a lovely game with lots of nuances that you can miss.

When I started I played 20+ gauntlet runs where I averaged below 2 wins over them all.




15 brushy characters


Theres no sense of progression. Most games I get crushed and 90% of the games i get paired with people with decks far superior. Theres no point keeping play this game.


If that’s how you feel, do your quests to make sure you earn gold. Get orbs to improve your deck(s). Look at the wiki, there’s even an offer for 5 free Mythron orbs. That gave me a pretty good boost.

If you feel it’s your deck that’s lacking and not your skills, play gauntlet, their deck choices will be just as random as yours then. I myself suck at gauntlet, so I’m pretty sure it’s something I’m not doing right and not getting. However, I’ve saved and acquired cards. and I can play with decks that are still pumping out cards I’ve never seen before. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Complaining won’t get you anywhere though, not in Duelyst, and certainly not in the real world.


Duelyst is quite skill intensive. A budget deck can get you to the top with proper declbuilding and piloting. If you ask for help we’d be more than happy to give it.


Duelyst is not an easy game but we help you with all you need to have success.

First of all I recommend getting a good budget deck for your favorite faction.

Then read the positioning guides.

Both of them you can find here: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/New_Player_Guides (it also shows you how to get some free orbs)

Then if you want more help, just add me as a friend ingame and I will do a video replay analysis for you to help you with positioning.

Believe me positioning is way more important than deck strength especially in Silver because everybody is misplaying. To quote ImprobableBlob: “The trick is to do less misplays than your opponent.” True words :slight_smile:


Found this old but still good video:


I think you guys are right. I should see some guides and do my best in the game. Sorry about all the drama.


But in reality I was recently matched by S-6 being silver 12. It seems we have less players than ever.


This is true. We don’t know exactly how many players are left of course, but considering that in the past silver players were not matched with s-1 and queues in diamond never took over 5 minutes we can conclude that there are much less players left :slightly_frowning_face: