Unearthed Prophecy: Lilithe




I call it Exhume since it likes to Unearth things with Nether Summoning.

This is the deck I took to S rank this season, its an effective and fun deck that is rather well suited for the meta. It has a ton of little combos.

Onto how this thing works. Its a control deck that is filled with combos and synergy. So the obvious and popular one is Phantasm+Tiger or Revenant. However I went a bit more out of my way to optimize this strategy, the key being severely limiting the minions in the deck in favor of spells and artifacts to help make sure Phantasm is pumping up either tiger or Revenant. Rush is also a natural combo with Nether which also wont Dilute your Phantasm targets.

You typically want to replace hard trying to find Phantasm early replacing non rush minions, and playing him on the backline. Phantasm also has fun mind games, even if you don’t have minions in hand people still panic and blow removal on him early or hold off on summons putting you at an advantage either way.

Next we have my Favorite card of the Set, Mindlathe. Man this card does a lot of work and there are so many crazy things you can pull off with it. My favorite is using it then darkfire sacing your opponents minion. Remember things with dying wish or stuff like eggs become yours when they die. While you usually want to avoid equipping it until your ready to use it so that your opponent wont know to play around it, it can be used defensively to take pressure off you if you need to, since you do indeed get a turn with your opponents minions when they attack you on their turn. It also combos really nice with Demonic Lure and Lion.

Darkfire ramping out revenants is a classic tried and true tactic, alternatively you can get out early grove lions in order to abuse your two artifacts. Between lathe, Lillith BBs, Desolator, and Inkling Surge, your never short of sacrifice targets.

The deck has a high curve, several cycles, and of course Desolator to cover card advantage. Between Desolator, Lion, and Blade you have great healing and survive-ability. While you usually save Nether for rush, geting Extra Lions or Desolators can come in handy when you need it.

The deck has so much out of hand damage its really hard to stop. The only thing missing from the deck is Dispel, which I have found largely unnecessary. It dilutes the phantasm pool, and because the meta favors things with instant value because dispel and removal exists its not to important. Now the meta may shift and that may change, but for now you have enough removal and control in the deck that you don’t need it.

I have tried a dozen different Variations of the deck, but this one is certainly favorite. My second favorite variation favors Komodo Hunter and Thunderhorn over Nether and Lion. Komodo’s summons do indeed count toward Phantasm, and Thunderhorn is just a very powerful card who is extra ab-usable when combined with Phantasm and or Demonic Lure.



A poltrageist is an angry spirit, so combine Furosa (Fury/Anger), with an emphasis on death watch and that is what inspired the name.

This is an update to one of my S rank decks from Ancient bonds. It favors Desolator over Spelljammer, and Phantasm over Blood Tear.

Its a really well rounded deck that transitions from a strong early game with either Furosa/Crypto or Phantasm, into a strong midgame with Death Watch, and can close the games out with revenants, a super buffed cat, or a cresendo play.

It has great healing with dancer and desolator, between its medium curve and desolator card advantage is covered, and Its got a good removal package. Its a competitive deck and its strength lies in if your opponent ignores your field and tries to smorc you down you can punish them with huge deathwatch plays, or if they concentrate on removing your field they slowly loose to chip damage and end up facing down revenants and lazer kats.

Trying lightbender over shroud due to walls and cataclysms, and went to 2x rev, bender, and dancer in favor of inkling, as each of those are situational/lategame and the cycle from inkling is almost as good as having the extra copies.



A very aggressive deathwatch list featuring Grimwar. I don’t often include War and Cresendo in the same list as Cresendo is usually for less aggressive lists, but they both really fit the deck and make it work. It has a very low curve and short of an early tempest its very hard to stop you if you get either Grim or Cresendo.

Grimwar is very useful at protecting your swarm, it is not only fine, but encouraged to throw it on before you plan to go in for the kill as it will make it very hard to deal with your swarm. While you need to be a little more careful with Cresendo you should not be greedy with either of them or you risk loosing your field, if you can get a couple procs you should go for it.

Its a strong deck that can steal a lot of quick wins, but it can get shut down really hard by aoe so digging for grimwar is usually a top priority. Unearthed Prohpecies helped out the deck keeping it from being a one trick pony thanks to the added consistency with the extra cycle from Inkling, and having Phantasm as a back up win con that can alternatively force removal or aoe early clearing the way for you to go crazy.

I have made it to S rank for 9 of my 16 seasons, the rest was time off or Diamond when I had very little time to play. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventually get around to it. I have a lot of new stuff I plan to put out, and will get a new master thread up for the expansion when I can, in the mean time feel free to check out my stuff from the previous expansion here:

Unearthed Prophecy: Cassyva

Any potential substitutions for desolator? (Or other legendaries? Im a poor f2p scrub)


Not really, abyss has a ton of mandatory legends for these playstyles. But you can certainly play them on a budget just fine.

Feel free to check my budget guide: DeathsAdvocate's Budget Guide: Ancient Bonds Update

While a touch dated its still quite helpful.


Possibly flameblood warloc.


He’s back! :grinning:
After playing Magmar for so long now I’m looking for a second faction. Might be Abyssian…


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