Unearthed Prophecy: Kara


WALLet Warrior


WALLet Warrior, heh see what I did there? It is a fairly expensive wall deck packed with legendaries(thus the name.)

So right off the bat lets talk about the card that really gives Kara a huge bump, Luminous Charge. Charge plus karas bbs alone can end games, assuming your opponent cant deal with it thats 15 damage by its self. Its a great card, and sure Faie could run it, but I feel if your going to run it you really ought to run Kara alongside it. Kara also just makes all walls a reasonable threat all by her self.

So beyond charge/kara shenagins we have the makings of the notorious ramp based Vanar wall deck. A combination of a powerful control suite, and the ability to ramp into seraphim, embala, and or winters wake. Seraphim lets you get out winters wake a turn earlier, or just be used in combination with charge or any of your control tech.

For ramp we of course have mana death grip, I then also opted for two copies of shiver, if its turn one or two its a great play, past that an easy replace, and since its a vespyr it allows you to turn cryogensis into a control/draw engine. I only run the two because the deck was a touched cramped for room and ideally you play one, then forever replace the other.

Of course we have the Shimzar/Hearth-Sister/Thunderhorn combo, which is even better with karas bbs. Combine that with the rest of vanars great control tools and we have a deck with an answer to everything that can pull off game ending combos fairly quickly while maintaining decent card advantage with a combination of cycles and a high curve.

Shock Trooper


An update to an older kara deck of mine, while its hard to beat the overwhelming power of the Ghost Seraphim Vanar variants, this deck can certainly still hold its own.

This deck sports a much lower curve with a more aggressive gameplan and favors Wailing Overdrive as its surprise win con. Thanks to Kara, Luminous charge is also a win con all by its self without anything like skorn or winters wake to combo with it. Kara’s BBs gives tiger that magic 3 health so it can actually trade and survive.

Its called shock trooper as the entire purpose of the deck is to send in one powerful unit into enemy territory to destroy your opponent. It accomplishes this with Wailing Overdrive thrown on top of what ever unit is best prepared for it. Tiger is the most common choice and quite often you will put it on a gravity well, but anything will do really.

Between Frigid Corona, Walls, Gravity Well, and illusions, keeping your opponent on their side of the field is rarely an issue. Also other then Snow Chaser, you don’t run any infiltrate, so its perfectly ok to drop your unit on their side, buff it with overdrive, and then have it chase them down on your side of the field.

Despite its fairly low curve between chaser, circulus, corona, and cryo your pretty well covered on card advantage. Combine that with Vanars usual control shell, and thunderhorn abuse and you have a surprisingly effective off meta deck.

Looking Glass


Lastly we have a theory craft as I currently lack Flawless/Icebreak. I was initially dismissive, and even disenchanted some copies of the cards, but much to my dismay not to long after, the patch came down that changed flawless from meh to having the potential of being really powerful.

So ramp sporting cryo/shiver, vanar control, luminous charge kara, thunderhorn abuse, blah blah the usual vanar kit, but then we get to the interesting part, the decks basic gameplan is Icebreak Ambush at 6 mana, then on 7 mana move all your vespyrs into position, then drop Gost, then flawless, which then reactivates all the new copies, creating a devastating and fairly mobile board state. It gets even sillier with extra flawless in the mix.

I have seen people say flawless may replace the Spirit/Ghost combo, and to that I say why not both? While flawless has the potential to be much more powerful especially when combined with wall spam or icebreak, its condition is often harder to meet then Spirit. Also don’t forget, if you flawless a ghost, that means you can then toss off a free spirit of the wind! To me it seems like they are natural compliments to each other, and if your designing around one, the other is probably quite worthwhile.

So is the deck top tier, or is it to hard to set up? Well that is yet to be seen, I have not really seen flawless on the ladder other then like the day of the patch. Soon I will get around to testing it, but just wanted to share since there are many things I wish to spend spirit on and I don’t know how long it will be before I get around to it. Perhaps this way some kind soul can test it for me before I invest.

I have made it to S rank for many seasons now, with occasional top 50s when I had the time to play competitively. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventually get around to it. I have a lot of new stuff I plan to put out, and will get a new master thread up for the expansion when I can, in the mean time check out my previous thread:

DeathsAdvocate puts Mechs in all the factions

What would you suggest for fillers when you only have 2 of a card you put 3 of?


Depends what your missing, give me some specifics and I will make some recommendations.


im missing a gravity well and a winters wake (and too much stuff from looking glass to even attempt it)


Triple up on Embala, and add circulus.

Or you could retool a bit and go with the old school Glacial Elemental package:


Really liking your decks, man. But could you provide decklinks also with the ingame feature in the future? Makes it way easier to build them, if you ask me. Thanks anyway, man!


Don’t you think what you want is a bit barfaced?
You get the pictures, you get the bagoum-links, you get a description on how to play the decks.
That’s not enough?


I am not a big fan of the import links, especially since if you use scripts then the bagom link serves as an import link, id much rather point you towards using those phenomenal game enhancing tricks.


The hell is barfaced supposed to be? I was just asking, you know.

Don’t see much purpose in using the script now that there is an ingame feature to share lists, but right on then.


Its only one of many useful features.

But again most people like to tinker/build on bagom anyways since they don’t always have everything, and even if they do sometimes they want to change things, and its a lot easier to build on bagom then the client.

I think I provide more then enough, but if enough people request it I will do it, previously I didn’t bother with the images either until a bunch asked for it, but not for now.


While I appreciate the defense and agree with your sentiment, the barefaced comment a tad unnecessary as it was only a suggestion rather then a demand.


Alright man. Anyway, keep it up. Digging your decks.


So I say sorry for the word “barface”. I’m not an English native speaker and it possible that the wording “barface” was out of the place.
Seems like I took the wrong word out of 5 (or so) the dictionary gave me to chose from.


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