Unearthed Prophecy - Favorite Cards (so far)


Whoa! Just had an amazing match where I totally came back thanks to Eternal Heart.

Don’t knock it 'till you tried it I always say and practice, and wow, there’s some potential there, nice!


The immense power of Blood Rage has been discovered by me…

So epic, so nice!


I think everyone has had their hand at BR dance of memes


I’m not quite certain which is my favorite yet, but one definitely made an amazing impression on me: Scroll Bandit.

This sucker single handedly won me a game against a Vetruvian player. It was rather interesting having two Autarch’s Gifts in my hand once I hit six mana. I already had lethal but cast one for fun anyhow.

Also, I second Flamewreath. It’s so fun throwing it around the board and devastating your enemies. Bonus points if you cast Saberspine Seal on it.


Sinister silhouette + wood wen
= lock
I’ve been having fun locking down people with this

Edit: mixed up bound tormentor and sinister silhouette


You mean sinister silhouette?


Dusk weaver!

For wishfull vets


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