Unearthed Prophecy - Favorite Cards (so far)


Expansion has been out a bit, we’ve had some experience, although still limited of course, but I really wanted to talk about this card, and figured I would broaden the topic so this can be a place for people to talk about their favorite new cards (also because it’s way more cool to exchange ideas than to not do that, especially on a forum).

Absolute favorite for me so far: Mindlathe.

This card is amazing!

It can turn the tables so fast so hard! Sure, you’ll take damage, but it’s very very often worth it because quite often you can make sure the minion kills itself against the enemy general.
It must be incredibly amazing against Celerity minions, haven’t had that happen yet, but I am looking forward to it!

Even as defense it’s great, if the enemy does decide to hit your general with it equipped you get the minion as yours until the end of your turn, so you can use those minions anyhow.

I think I will always just put 2 in my Abyssian decks, I really think this will be staple, at least for me.

Sure, sometimes you’ll have to cycle it since it’s not good in that particular circumstance, but I think those situations are quite rare.

So, what about you? What is your favorite card so far?


Bombard :frowning:

Mana cost feel too high for ranged minions to never stick and for there to be so few ranged minions. I figured this card might work well with mechazor for frenzy or the snipe. Other than that I can’t find enough cheap ranged minions to make any use of this card.


Superior Mirage has to be my favorite as of now. For those who don’t know what it does:

Vetruvian Spell
Summon 3 copies of an enemy minion nearby it. They disappear when attacked

I remember when Night Watcher was the tech for Rush minions, especially if Magmar is prevalent on the ladder. But Natural Selection, Plasma Storm, and even general hit+ Lavaslasher easily took care of it. Now, Vetruvian has the ultimate anti-Rush tech! Wanna play Makantor? Revenant? Go right ahead! I’ll triple the damage output for 5 mana! And you STILL have to attack the mirages to prevent additional value.

Needless to say, it’s been great playing Vetruvian! :grinning:


Thunderhorn, the drake dude, and shivers.


I am really looking forward to using this card, haven’t so far!

@divinedevek: But still a favorite? I admit, it is a very interesting puzzle to make a deck around it, something I will definitely try :slight_smile:


yup, this card is great, it is so much fun to play with. I almost feel bad for magmar players, almost :smiling_imp:


Thunderhorn and Komodo Hunter feel ridiculously strong, but my personal favorites are Phantasm and the new Abyssian Minion trigger Sentinel.

I used them in conjunction yesterday to play a 10 attack Revenant and a 1 mana 5/3 Tiger on the same turn.

The Sentinel also punishes Magmar really hard, give me a 4 mana Makantor or your Lavaslasher takes 3 damage, Sentinel takes none and I get a 3 mana Lavaslasher.


Yeah Phantasm is great, I’ve managed a 14-attack SpecRev, partly thanks to Komodo Hunter :slight_smile:

Also the look of that minion is gorgeous, I honestly think it’s now my favorite art in Duelyst.

Also agreed on Bound Tormentor, very nice :slight_smile:


TBH, everything with Hallowed Ground just feels so good to use.


The Songhai Sentinels as a whole are my favorite cards. I would never dream of playing one on its own, as the confusion they create is really something else.

Mizuchi is my personal favorite, as a backstab unit w/ good stats, flying, and a cheap cost is really something that comes in handy for backstab decks. It’s versatility is nice too.

Hundred-Handed Rakushi is really good at boning rush minions. Had someone Flash Makantor me, and Rakushi said no. People will try to clear your sentinels w/ tigers, and Rakushi says no. People play turn one Obelysks? Rakushi says no. Also messes w/ Golem Vet, Phantasm Abyssian, and makes 2-drops killable w/ a general smack (except for crab boy.)

Mind-Cage Oni is good because it effectively gives you removal and a passable body in one card. Most spells run in meta decks are very good, and I’ve only been disappointed once w/ what it pulled. Not too good against Vet though.

I view these three cards as one whole strategy, and would be unable to point out my favorite. In terms of power though, I’d say Mind-Cage Oni.


Any of the 3 Vanar Sentinels I’ve enjoyed a lot. Personally, I think Moonlit Basilyik is a bit too powerful because it always transforms into a 5/5 (or a 5/? if they used a damage spell on it). The other 2 are more fair from my experience of playing them. Drake Dowager is hard to transform since not every general wants to attack or trade. Freeblade is more of a fun thing, to mess with positioning although does have good stats at 3/5.

However, my favourite (that I have used) so far is Flamewreath. Its so nice to use Kaleos with it and being able to do the 2 dmg AoE. It really does feel like it opens him up to do better things from this expansion.


Cards like thunderhorn and tahr also buff kaleos alot…your opponent will try to position around them and that is soo much harder to do against kaleos blink


reassemble and lavastorm obelysk <3 nuff said


My favorite card is easily flamewreath as of now. The card just feels so good, and I feel like the card rewards you for playing kaleos. It is also feels really good when you manage to pull off combos when theres a spelljammer on board, you decimate their board and deal a TON of damage in the process. Seriously, teleporting the little dragon everywhere is incredibly fun.

Scroll bandit, Mizuchi, and Mindcage Oni are all pretty high up there as well.

Can you tell what deck I’ve been playing?


I can tell you’ve been playing aggro zirix :wink:


I landed one Mech + bombard off helm at 7 mana and drew into another one. I think they would call this “doing it for the memes”?

Edit: also Mecheos was my ladder deck so I wanted to see some songhai Mech support with Unearthed (always praise the son: inner focus + sword)


I think you guys know where I’m going with this :wink:


Also works fine on opponent Vetruvian, on an Aymara, followed by an Arid Unmaking on one of the 3 … or on that pesky wind Dervish that has been Dunecasted and 2nd wished :wink:


Does it go:

“Something something Twin Fang. Something something Dance of Memes?”


Almost. Less dance of memes and more skorn + kujata + flash + occasional blood rage action :blush:.