Unearthed Prophecy: Abyssian Gimmicks


The echos of famine. Gimmicky/Competitive


The name gives credit to its signature card, while also making sense, as those suffering from famine would be rather prone to wailing and screaming. Its also loosely based on my famine deck from my horsemen series.

The decks main trick revolves around Echos or Skorn+Grimwar to pull off some really crazy combos. Artifact hunter provides card advantage and tutors for the most important card in the deck, grimwar. It takes a page out of my “famine” deck’s tricks with tracer to combo with grimwar, or just be a good escape. Between the decks double cycle and hunter, finding multiple copies of grimwar is pretty easy, so if the match up is unlikely to break your artifact you certainly have the option of just equipping it a few turns before you plan to go in for the kill to start getting it powered up.

Cyrpto/furosa helps give you some early game while also providing grimwar food, and gor/sarlac ensures you wont get countered by AOE so you always have bodies on the field, they also multiply if you play an echos. Skorn is also just good tech for this meta.

Its a fun deck with some really powerful combos and can play the late game or be aggressive, but its ultimately a gimmick deck. Perhaps the deck would be better off without gor but he is so important to both the decks flavor and strategy and if thunderhorn/revenant don’t make an appearance you tend to do pretty well.

Echo Chamber Gimmicky/Competitive


Echos or Skorn+Grimwar will do some very scary things. Skorn+Grimwar or Dancer is also pretty scary. Of course echos can just serve as a field multiplier, or a way to undispel things. Combine that with some dying wish synergy to help flood and provide card advantage and you have something that is pretty effective. Skorn is also just great tech for this meta.

Unfortunately gor is a pretty big liability in this meta, and not having the usual powerhouse cards like phantasm, revenant, emp, or really focusing on one direction makes this deck a little stretched thin meaning if people figure out your probably running grimwar and avoid melee with Lilith you can be in a bit of trouble.

Its a fun deck with some really powerful combos and can play the late game or be aggressive, but its ultimately a gimmick deck. Perhaps the deck would be better off without gor but he is so important to both the decks flavor and strategy and if thunderhorn/revenant don’t make an appearance you tend to do pretty well.

Zombie Competitive/Gimmicky: Artifact Swarm


Do you have a void you need to fill? Need something to take your mind off things? Well there is an entire swarm of people trying out this latest craze so why not you to?

Oh you thought I meant Zombies as in undead? Well there is a heavy emphasis on deathwatch in this deck to so I guess it could also be an undead reference, but the main emphasis was on a person beeing in a suggestible and zombie like state.

This swarm deck looks to really abuse artifacts with a combination of Blood Siren and Void Steal, which can lead to a lot of fun with mindlathe. Void steal is also a pretty phenomenal swarm tool in general. Its got great removal, solid healing, an aggressive gameplan, and just enough card advantage between cycles and desolator to keep you going even if your field gets aoed.

Unfortunately it has the usual swarm weakness to aoe, and the meta is not very artifact friendly, making what could be an extremely powerful deck instead a bit gimmicky. Its a ton of fun though.

Inferno Competitive


I have named it Inferno because of Deepfire and Darkfire, and also a shout out to Dantes Inferno, as this deck very much has a fires of hell subtheme. I have had some epic games with it, this one in particular was tons of fun, despite getting hard countered a couple times it still pulled through:


Deepfire Provides an excellent way to self proc a bunch for grimwar, we sport two cycles and and 8 dying wish minions to be used with Nekoma. Thanks To nekoma/desolator we sport superb card advantage despite the low curve and darkfire. Azure is a great two drop that is very strong with swarm or of course the turn one into turn two deepfire comboe.

We can of course furosa/crypto into an early swarm, and or cache in on early swarm with Devour or use Devour to manually proc grimwar. Darkfire adds another fun way to accelerate the deck and proc Azure who is just fun with swarm anyways. Nekoma adds extra consistency to the combos. Getting good use out of Devourer takes a bit of practice as you have to be careful with how much you want to invest into it but its really fun when it works out.

The deck sports decent healing, both early and late game power, a bit of aoe with grasp/frenzy, and some really cool and lethal combos. It turned out to be way less gimmicky then I expected, but its just not at the same powerlevel as the more Meta Abyss decks, due to just being slower and everything you do giving your opponent the opportunity to answer with commonly teched things. But its a lot of fun and can certainly hold its own against most decks.

I have made it to S rank for many seasons now, with frequent top 50s when I have the time to play competitively and occasional top tens. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventually get around to it. You can check out the rest of my stuff here:


have you thought about using nether summoning? combined with skorn or echoes could double the number of bodies you have on the field before an OTK


Nether doesent work on wraithlings so a big chunk of bodies would be missing. It lends its self much more to a rush focused deck while being a little slow for what’s going on here.

It’s a solid card and never a bad pick but I don’t think it’s the best pick for this. Thanks for the input though, it could certainly be possible to redesign the focus of a deck to support nether better.


Out of curiosity: how many games do you play with each deck before you decide whether it is legit or not?


Yeah, the game is really fun to watch!


It depends, for the ones that get slapped with the gimmicky tag I tend to at least play 10 games per major variation of the deck (a full page), for things in between at least double that, and usually at least 30 before I label something competitive, and as usual anything I label S rank I have taken from diamond to top 50.

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