Undying Meatshields


Abyssian got a lot of fun cards this expansion and we’re gonna talk about them

Like all abyssian cards it has more of a gimmicky twist than any of the other factions. its a solid 2 drop in a faction sorely lacking in good 2 drops that can also give you a small chance of 4 instant mechaz0r. imagine a turn 2 mechazor after replacing. with abyssians ability to last to the late game it should be fairly easy to get at least 1 mechaz0r every game.

feels like overlap with punish and ritual banishment, but i see this card working really well with maehv who doesnt have the BBS to really use punish or ritual banishment to its fullest

this card is phalanxer on steroids. a 3 mana 6/1 that cant be removed easily. the only option is to run from it and lose positioning in favour of answering it a turn later with bloodtear or something. will definitly see play in tempo and aggro lists. maybe even as a way to kill buildings before they finish since you just need 4 more damage. also really good against mech decks with cassyva to ping the forcefield.

My favorite card conceptually. very good anti-swarm tech and very positional based. gonna meme so hard with party elf and komodo hunter. we still need to know how it interacts with grasp of agony to determine if this card is meta or meme but its a good combo piece that can deal a lot of face damage if played correctly.

yes oh yes finally a way to trade board without losing it. this gives swarm survivability to last until you can get your value generators up and running. its also a really good comeback card that prevents board based lethals. and you can finally use your priestesses offensively instead of just as a backliner. solid card.

great way to cache in a swarm. makes a great combo with swarm, corporeal cadence, and tiger while being aoe prevention. ironically its like a 3 mana silver and works really well with mech. alongside the new deathwatch minions makes this a threat to be reckoned with. what i want to know is if its dispellable (probably is) and whether dying wish counts as a keyword (probably not)

seems like a solid card. abyss doesnt have a catch all 4 mana card that can fit into any deck besides desolator and this card is welcome. makes abyssians “destroy a friendly minion” cards much better since it also kills an enemy minion alongside being a high attack threat that has to be dealt with but is easy to deal with if played correctly.

oh my undead loli this card is worthy of being legendary and all others are inferior. invulnerable means that it cant be targeted, dispelled, stolen, transformed or destroyed and that is AWESOME. we have confirmed that a demon is any of abyssians 6 mana 6/6 minions (klaxon, vorpal reaver and moonrider). any one of those for killing a wraithling is game ending good especially since it will always be there after its built. i fully expect this to be played with darkfire sacrifice, timekeeper, blood echoes and abhorrent unbirth. since it cant be removed by ANY EFFECT IN THE GAME we have a deathwatch minion that benefits from our own board being completely wiped.

abyssian always needed good card draw. rite was too heavy, sphere wasnt enough, spelljammer wasnt great, and lkian was terrible. while this seems more a lilithe card than cassyva or even maehv its a good card. especially for aggro decks

3/1 wraithlings with frenzy. 8/6 revenents with frenzy. this card is INSANE in classic abyss lists. this card turns weenies into threats and threats into win conditions. coupled with abyssians lack of aoe this card is a MUST in any board based deck.

seems mediocre compared to vorpal reaver and klaxon, but could work in swarm lists using cryptographer. i think this card will see most play from gate of the undervault. with revenents nerf this could be a good 7 mana play that puts lots of bodies on the board

i was worried when i saw how much swarm support lyonar was getting. NOW IM EXCITED TO SEE TITAN BETRAY HIS MASTER. if lyonar ever gets really good this card will be auto include. nuff said.

this card is what people hated about phantasm relegated to late game. but instead of a 2 drop that is answer or die, its a 7 mana answer and die. im excited that deathwatch is making a comeback and this actively plays around magmar removal for all your new minions. it makes coporeal cadence super good and any sufficiently buffed hand impossible to remove. we may even see enfeeble come back with this card

great way to survive until the late game. will see play in decks with gate and timekeeper

cheap stat sticks work really well in decks that were running cryptographer and furosa anyway

definitly a staple in any deck running nightmare operant to get mechaz0r out for clearing enemy minions

right here is the enabler to let gate be top of the meta. combined with darkfire sacrifice lets the gates come online even sooner. and once those gates are up its game over

might see play in control decks to thin out the decks and prevent lousy topdecks. also really good with betrayal to make sure they only play big minions. might see play in mech decks with deceptibot to make sure you get a good mech out of it.

abyss got a lot of game enders and a bit of removal
coporeal cadence and blood echoes are gonna be meta
so pack your wraithlings and get ready to KILL ALL THE THINGS


Are we sure about the demons-are-6/6’s thing? Because I’ve seen that said by several different people, but no one’s cited a source as far as I can remember, so that might just be speculation that’s been repeated until it’s treated like fact, always a dangerous thing. And if that is true, that’s nuts. Still dies to thumping wave, egg morph, and plasma storm before it’s finished building, so regardless of what it spits out, I still think Magmar’s going to reign until they eat some nerfs.

Praying I’m wrong about that last part.

PS: buildings can be transformed, right?


Not this one once it’s built


I already see the cancer in abhorrent unbirth+metaltooth. If yuo have a cannon/sword/chassis you get a 5/5 with rush-ranged/a 6/6 with rush-frenzy/ a 5/7 with rush-forcefield. And with mechazor…


the source of the demon info was wintermu7e
who is a dev

building can be transformed, gate after building cannot

and thats why timekeeper is so important to gate decks. with DFS you can play a gate way earlier than plasma storm can come out

imagine this
t1 swarm with Wraithlings or zyx
t2 gate
t3 double DFS timekeeper and trade in board

i also wanna know the summoning location of the aberration but i assume its like gravity well or heartseekers


Buildings, as in the things that become the build minions. Those are transformable, right?


Yes they are. Anything that transforms, yes


yes, its sorta like sentinels
the build minion summons a 0/10 structure token and transforms into its true self at the beginning of x turns from now
the tokens can be transformed
the gate itself after building cannot

we can expect vanar to be running the full assortment of aspects and maybe polarity, songhai to have painters AND OBS, magmar to be running lots of natural select, vet to have grapnel and that equilibrium card, and abyss to have nightsorrows and plenty of removal spells
lyonar screwed tho


Just to be clear: Gate to the under vault is terrible for Obelisk vet since wind dervish trades will only result in more demons (something that abyssian won’t have trouble making).

And we can’t even get rid of it either since it’s “indestructible”


To be crystal clear: this doesn’t matter, EVERY faction will have a hard time once the gateway is down. The goal is to keep Abyssian from completing the build, not to counter it after it’s down.

Also it seems as though Dervish Vet may die when rotations appear


what i wanna know is if a completed gate completely kills natural select against non-structures

and if mindlathe consuming rebirth/blood echoes resets the build counter


the gate is amazing, I built a deck around it and it’s so much fun


Was that deck cheap and if so can you list it also can you recommend me a cheap abyssian deck i have 910 spirit i’m a nub so plz and ty.


That’ll get you one gate bro lol.

Maybe work up to it with time.


Gate is a legendary, and it’s not cheap. You can find my current list here. I’ll try and find a cheap list for you but since the xpack just released we don’t know what’s good and what isn’t :slight_smile:


Infest is actually powerful af if played right, i dealt 14dmg on my fourth turn


Thank you, I really appreciate it.


can grapnel steal the Gate???


nup, gate cant be touch after it’s built


My newbie advice would be craft good common and rare neutral minions. The first two that jump to mind are dancing blades and sunsteel defenders. Shove three of each into any newbie deck and you’ll notice an immediate boost. Just be careful when you throw down dancing blades, they only hit the space in front of them, don’t get it mixed up with the one behind them, just check which way your general’s facing before summoning. Primus fists and sojourners are solid too.

As for cheap faction cards, Abyssian might not be the way to go, they’re infamous for all of their good builds having piles of expensive cards. Magmar’s got tons of good commons and rares, they’re a good newbie faction. If you want to go Abyssian, for a good cheap deck I’d say good neutral minions with good/decent Abyssian spells, sphere of darkness, daemonic lure and ritual banishing for starters.