Underrated Cards


What are the most underrated cards?


That’s actually a fairly difficult question to answer without any subjectivity if that’s what you’re aiming for.

The only thing that comes to my mind is Jax. Lots of people have decided to completely disregard the card due to the mere existence of Skorn. I find it ridiculous because Skron isn’t run in every deck and even if it was there’s no guarantee it will be there in time to counter Jaxi implying the opponent is playing around it in the first place. I do understand their flawed viewpoint though.

I am sure there’s plenty of cards that are actually a lot better than the general consensus says, but unfortunately people aren’t very keen on experimenting with them or just giving them a second chance.


you forgot to mention Chaos Elemental Raq, if memory serves, thats one of your fav cards, right?


Very hard to say which card is the MOST underrated, but there is certainly a fair number that are underplayed.

Here is a few according to my humble opinion:
-Star’s fury
-Neither summoning
-Battle pando
-Onyx jaguar
-Fractal replication

Those cards are either underestimated or just didn’t find the right deck to fit in.


Correct. But it being my favorite also means I’m biased about it. Despite me thinking the card is a lot better than people give it credit for, I would never state that as a fact. If I were to talk subjectively about what cards I think deserve more credit I could name quite a few, but Jax is so far the only one I feel confident saying it’s factually underrated.



That card looks sick af and has an amazing animation. But tbh the effect aint that amazing xD

Grandmaster Zendo has a sick animation as well. But due to the fact that Kaleos is inferior to Reva and the card itself is expensive and actually needs a lot of set up to even make good use of it, it’s not seen that much. I’ve only seen that card twice.


I was just typing in the battle panddo, such a versatile card. I run it in all of my songhai decks, its great in current meta.


White Asp comes to mind. It’s a great way to get rid of minions like Silverguard Knight, Young Silithar and Allomancer, and the opponent usually has to go face with his general to clear the artifact. I have to admit it’s a bit useless against Songhai tho.


I think there is a lot of neutral turn >= 5 card underrated :

  • Pandora
  • Ruby Rifter
  • Grove Lion

I think it’s due to Kron.
But to my mind the most underated card is Reaper of the nine moons.

And ALcuin Looremaster for kara deck. I never see it in S rank.


I’d consider Sun Sister Sterope pretty underrated, I really get a lot of mileage from her.


There are sooo many cards I think that are underutilized. Yeah there are always the strong go to options, Primus Fist, Healing Mystic, Kron, Makantor, but there are so many cards that will fit into more specific decks as well. I expiriment a ton, I refuse to play any decks that I don’t create myself. I do go out on a very far outstretched limb to experiment and prove this point(further than my rank would like) but the point still stands

Gonna list of a bunch. I will explain more indepth about my favorites.


Bonereaper- Body sucks if it gets dispelled, and it pretty expensive but you get instant value out of it. 2 dmg AoE is very strong in some matchups, and will usually take out or let you trade into something left on the board. If they dont have removal it takes their entire turn to trade into and take out.

Grove Lion- Extremely good with Vaath, or decks that have Artifacts. Same thing as Bonereaper, even if they dispel it, you get at least 1 Forcefield proc off and a beefy 5/5 body on the board. Place this behind you, diagonally if possible so they have a harder time reaching it.

Rock Pulverizor- Very good early game for mana tile denying. 1 ATK sucks, but anything that attacks into it you can finish off with your other 2 ATK things including your general.

Alcuin Loremaster and Abjuducator- check out my posted decklist if you want to read Vaath the Senile Librarian V2

Purgatos the Realmkeeper

Sunset Paragon

Red Synja


Lasting Judgement- APhoenix FIre 9/10 times. Use for a 3 damage ping on a minion to kill it. If you need to hit the general for lethal, buff one of your minions that are hitting him.

Circle of Life- I only see this in the more control Zirian decks. I play 1 or 2 in every Argeon deck becuase I think it is strong. It does take up most of your turn, but you can take out just about anything with it, and your general attack if need be. 5 health can really help late game and it is great for finishing of Spectral Renevants.

Beamshock- If you are running this card only do 1 or 2, you need strong card draw options. Solarius is great. Great for denying mana tiles early. Extremely good against Magmar. Drop anything down, beamshock the general and or bodyblock any other threats and they can not destroy your minion with eggmorph. Works great for setting up Divine Bond lethal. Stop ranged units from running away and generating value. Stall that 22/23 Chakri Avatar 1 more turn. Protect an azurite lion until they can set up cheesey Auryn NexusX3 Divine Bondx2 lethal(52 Damage,56 if you roared the previous turn)

Dawns Eye



Dampening Wave- Pure utility spell. Good for artifact preservation. Lets you trade something for free(works great with Makantor) Lategame if you need to trade into something big with your general can amount to a 6 hp Heal. Honestly it is pretty situational, not that great, but I don’t think anyone uses it EVER.

Diretide frenzy- great on rush or “on hit(Sojourner, Purgatos,)” minions. Nobody plays around 5 Mana DireTIGER Frenzy. They are ready for it on 6 mana, but never on 5.

Metamorphosis- even if you use it just to take out an aymara healer you are even on tempo. You do lose 1 hp though.(Probably why it is not played)

Thumping wave- this card is common, but I think it should be treated like makantor. At least 2 in everydeck if not 3.

I only play these 3 classes, but I am sure there are plenty of underused cards floating around in the other factions as well.


It does however, kill lantern fox in 1 hit, and leaves behind walls from anything else that make it harder for them to run away if the game gets drawn out. But yeah still not that great in the matchup. I don’t play Vanar, but I have gotten a few from my Grinchers in my Vaath decks.


yeah but the question is about the most underated .


Typical Songhai response: Bloodrage Mask, Phoenix Fire on wall, bbs. It’s a lot safer to chromatic cold + punch the fox.


Yeah, it is still weak against Songhai, just not completely useless. I think its kinda funny that Songhai has the spell Artifact Defiler, when they are already by far the best class at destroying artifacts. Don’t forget about the heartseekers that are often floating around


Nightsorrow Assassin, really good against lantern fox and vet obelysks. also void steal, it works wonders against kron when playing abyssian swarm


Dancing Blades at the moment is the most underrated/underplayed card.


Ruby Rifter won me far too many games in gold. I haven’t tested Grove Lion properly (only have 1 copy), but those few times it was played against me, it was quite effective. Oh, and it made me survive 2 or 3 Obliterates, which led to my victory in those matches :smiley:


I am a fan of Ruby Rifter too. 9/10 It replaces itself with the card draw, and it also forces removal. 6/6 isn’t the scariest body but it can make a mess for your opponent.


Rasha’s curse. It acts like small dude removal, it give you a new way to deploy to bridge the distance. It kills artifacts. It slices and it dices. It is so versatile that I rarely build a vetruvian deck without two of them.