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Underrated cards and where to find them


The main use for this topic is - underrated cards.
Show us what you can make of rook, how do you make your frostiva shine or steamrolling your way into s rank with lynx or any other “trash minion” that you like.

Share with us and we’ll love you back and share our trash with you so we can all have some trash.



I have been having fun with mirkblood devourer.



Zureal/Red Synja in midrange kaleos (non ox).



I think Venom Toth is actually cool. For 3 mana you get from 3 to 6 body damage, + you screw with minion summons. Since it comes mostly accompanied by an aggro shell in my stuff, if the opponent uses mana with single target removal, thats a tradeoff I wanna take, and if they ignore it, they get ever exponentially closer to burst range.

Delve further in thy description



Mirkblood into Scarzig is de wae



I been playing a Lodestar Vaath deck. It’s pretty silly but hasn’t been doing too terrible at around diamond 3. Can’t run from Vaath when you have Lodestar lol



Alright, so Mirky boi.

Currently Mirkblood devourer is finding the majority of its success in eggs with the ability of buffing eggs out of ping range, generating tons of value with progenitor (Mnimum a 6/5 and a 1/2 egg) and buffing makantors when they come down. It is important they don’t buff minions that hatch, but they do buff eggs that spawn. (Eggs don’t die when they transform, but minions die and leave behind eggs). Special mention to having multiple mirkbloods on the board and trying to figure out how to maximize value, I have played 7/7 makantors.

In Songhai you can realistically play black locust or as Jay said Scarzig. Songhai has tons of minions that adore the extra stat line. Specifically: Battle Panddo, Zendo, ranged bois, flame wreath and even bandit.

I have not tested mirkblood in the other factions, but I can see it having success in abyssian with wraithlings and furor chakram. Somewhat useful in swarm brome. Possibly midrange vet can find a home for it. Blood tear alchemist works decently with the card, so you could consider playing it in some type of pet/aggressive starhorn.



If you’ve gotten Black Locust to work anywhere, I would love to see the decklist! :slightly_smiling_face:

Some insight on Mirkblood in other factions: Swarm Brome has access to a mostly superior version of the same effect in Surgeforger. In Abyssian, I don’t think Wraithling swarm decks really want the effect at 3 mana, but it was a key tech piece in AlphaCentury’s tempo Maehv build.



Reliquarian is always a fun toy to screw around, from Vanar vespyr mass-production engines to dedicated theft decks in Vet and Abyss for maximum humiliation.

Non-ironic use of Windcliffe Alarmist is a potent thing in Wizard Brome decks if you dedicate yourself to properly buffing the creature. After a sped up Call to Arms it is a powerful way to summon gargantuan bodies that won’t be easily dispatched.

Wind Sister Maia is surprisingly potent in making fairly straightforward Infiltrate decks acting as a makeshift stackable Wanderer.



War Talon is strong in Ramp Vanar decks, not because its power level is particularly high but because most players don’t even know such a card exists. Playing with the element of surprise is always fun.



when I was testing for MDL playoffs I expected to run into a lot of Wanderer Rag, so one thing I tested was War Talon in Ox, it’s got a body very resilient to their removal, the provoke can save your ass, and with a reposition like jux it can be quite a surprising turnabout play. Of course I ended up not playing it and wouldn’t suggest anyone to add it to their ladder decks. But I find quite a lot of cards have these weird little niches that no one thinks about or just doesn’t make sense when you’re trying to game a wide field on ladder rather than a particular deck, player or sideboard in a tournament.

But also a lot of cards are generally underrated, there’s like a kill layer where if it’s not good enough it’s just ‘unplayable’, no matter how close to playable it actually is. Recombobulus is as bad as Sol because they are both unplayed.

Picking one thing to say that is underrated is hard though, I guess I’ll throw in Primus Shieldmaster. Every time I build a budget deck this guy has my back, it’s very legit and makes it’s way into many Wanderer lists for a reason. It’s not always trivial to so early on cleanly answer a big provoke contesting the mana tiles.



Not really relevant in today’s time (or is it dun duun) but rather a piece of history you can appreciate.

Simpler times :stuck_out_tongue:



Rough Draft 1:



I am shocked at no jux here.



Eh, no reason to be shocked. Locust doesn’t clone from jux.

Main choce was MDS vs jux. And you really don’t want to put all your eggs into Bandit. Sure jux can help for general punch kill. So you could maybe go X2 Jux X2 mds. Maybe cut a blood tear to fit them in.

I am trying to build this deck as I’d build eggs, have multiple solutions to problems.

Win cons: Good ol bandit openers, Battle panddo/Lanter fox + mirky value.

Skarzig activation. Locus with skarzig/mirky.

Cards I am still considering. Buff building, Dioltas, Some other draw engine beside spell jammer, jux.



Zab you’re a supposed Grandmaster, stop being bad, put juxtaposition back in there.



Hey, I will put some proper thought into the deck on a day where I don’t get home past 10pm after leaving for work before 7am. >:C

Others are welcome to edit the deck. Having some celebrants in there could also work well.






Fortunately it is by choice and not as much by force.

Yearly church event where they have people from across the country stop by and give sessions including in the mornings. The nightly sessions start around 7, but you need to be there earlier as the main hall is full around 6:30.

So don’t feel too sorry for me : P



Replace lantern fox with sojourner the better fox